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Political alliance

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A political alliance, also referred to as a political coalition, political bloc, is an agreement for cooperation between different political parties on common political agenda, often for purposes of contesting an election to mutually benefit by collectively clearing election thresholds, or otherwise benefiting from characteristics of the voting system or for government formation after elections

A coalition government is formed when a political alliance comes to power, or when only a plurality not a majority has not been reached and several parties must work together to govern One of the peculiarities of such a method of governance results in Minister of State without Portfolio

List of active political alliancesedit

  • Argentina: Cambiemos, Broad Progressive Front
  • Australia: Liberal/National Coalition
  • Bulgaria: Coalition for Bulgaria, Patriotic Front
  • Croatia: Croatia is Growing
  • Czech Republic: ODS with support of Freeholders, Populars and Mayors
  • France : Left Front
  • Germany: Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union
  • Gibraltar: GSLP–Liberal Alliance
  • Hong Kong: Pan-democracy camp
  • India: Left Frontdisambiguation needed, National Democratic Alliance NDA, United Progressive Alliance UPA
  • Israel: Zionist Union
  • Latvia: Union of Greens and Farmers
  • Lebanon: March 14 Alliance
  • Malaysia: Barisan Nasional National Front
  • Mexico: Broad Progressive Front
  • Montenegro: Coalition for a European Montenegro
  • Philippines: several
  • Portugal: Unitary Democratic Coalition
  • Spain: Unidos Podemos, EH Bildu
  • Sweden: Alliance
  • Republic of China/Taiwan: Pan-Blue Coalition, Pan-Green Coalition
  • United Kingdom: Labour Co-operative
  • Uruguay: Broad Front
  • Venezuela: Great Patriotic Pole, Democratic Unity Roundtable

List of former political alliancesedit

  • Argentina: Alliance for Work, Justice and Education
  • Brazil: With the strength of the people
  • Chile: Alliance for Chile, Concert of Parties for Democracy, Coalition for Change, Juntos Podemos Más
  • France: Liaison Committee for the Presidential Majority
  • Germany: WASG–PDS
  • India: Third Front
  • Israel: Alignment, Gahal, One Israel, National Union, Likud Yisrael Beiteinu
  • Italy: Pole for Freedoms, House of Freedoms, The Olive Tree, The Union
  • Latvia: Harmony Centre
  • Lebanon: March 8 Alliance
  • Malaysia : Barisan Alternatif, Pakatan Rakyat
  • Moldova: Alliance for Democracy and Reforms, Alliance for European Integration
  • Montenegro: Coalition for a European Montenegro, Together for Change, Serb List
  • New Zealand: United-Reform Coalition, Alliance
  • Norway: Red-Green Coalition
  • Poland: Solidarity Electoral Action, Left and Democrats, United Left
  • Portugal: Democratic Alliance
  • Romania: Social Democratic Pole, Justice and Truth Alliance, Social Liberal Union
  • Russia: The Other Russia
  • Serbia: Democratic Opposition of Serbia
  • Slovenia: Democratic Opposition of Slovenia DEMOS
  • Spain: Convergence and Union
  • Sweden: Red-Greens
  • Ukraine: Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, Dictatorship Resistance Committee
  • United Kingdom: SDP–Liberal Alliance

See alsoedit

  • Coalition government
  • Electoral alliance
  • Kartel electoral alliance

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