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The Polish Wikipedia Polish: Polska Wikipedia is the Polish-language edition of Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia Founded on September 26, 2001, it now has around 1,193,000 articles, making it the 11th-largest Wikipedia edition overall It is also the second-largest edition in a Slavic language, after the Russian Wikipedia


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The logo of the 10th anniversary celebration of the Polish Wikipedia

The Polish Wikipedia originated in September 2001 as an independent project under the domain wikirozetacompl At the suggestion of the founders of the English Wikipedia, the site was incorporated into the international project as http://plwikipediacom on January 12, 2002, and as http://plwikipediaorg on November 22 that year To avoid domain squatting that could frustrate potential users, the Polish Wikipedia also has its own domain, wikipediapl, which redirects to plwikipediaorg

On January 27, 2005 the founders of the Polish Wikipedia, Krzysztof P Jasiutowicz and Paweł Jochym, received the Internet Citizen of the Year 2004 award issued by the Internet Obywatelski "Public Internet" society

In July 2005, the tscabot bot program was instructed to upload statistics from official government pages about French, Polish and Italian municipalities to the Polish Wikipedia In a few months, the bot uploaded more than 40,000 articles On October 13, 2009 the Polish Wikipedia received a "special recognition for social innovation" at the 2009 Jan Łukasiewicz Award ceremony, which recognises the most innovative Polish IT companies The Polish Wikipedia exceeded 1,000,000 articles on September 24, 2013 In April 2016, the project had 1140 active editors who made at least five edits in that month

Polish Wikipedia page view ratio by country in 2011-2012

Polish Wikipedia on DVD

Polish Wikipedians at Wikimania 2013

The text of the Polish Wikipedia was first published on a DVD together with the paper edition of the magazine Enter SPECIAL in August 2005 The publisher did not make any attempt to contact the Wikimedia Foundation prior to making the DVD available on the market, and the edition itself turned out to be illegal, as it violated the GNU FDL license Additionally, the software used on the DVD worked improperly on Microsoft Windows 98

A second DVD edition was prepared as a joint project of Wikimedia Polska the Polish branch of the Wikimedia Foundation and the Polish publisher Helion It contained articles written before June 4, 2006 The edition was completed on November 24, 2006, and released at the end of July 2007 with a purchase price of 39 zlotys


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