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Pokémon Generations

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Pokémon Generations ポケモンジェネレーションズ, Pokemon Jenerēshonzu is a Japanese-animated original net animation series produced by OLM and released on YouTube by The Pokémon Company Similar to the 2013 anime television film, Pokémon Origins, the series consists of several short stories inspired by Nintendo's Pokémon video game series, as opposed to its main television series A total of 18 episodes were produced, and were originally released in English on YouTube between September 16, 2016 and December 23, 20162 Japanese episodes have also aired via YouTube


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Character Japanese voice actor3 English voice actor3
Pikachu Fumiko Orikasa
Looker Keiji Fujiwara, Kenyu Horiuchi Kaiji Tang
Giovanni Akio Otsuka Richard Epcar
Blue Jun Fukuyama Erik Kimerer
Lance Yoshimasa Hosoya Benjamin Diskin
Bruno Takanori Hoshino Bill Rogers
Lorelei Fumiko Orikasa Erica Lindbeck
Agatha Hisako Kyoda Ellyn Stern
Petrel Wataru Takagi
Silver Ryota Osaka Lucien Dodge
Eusine Hiroshi Tsuchida Kyle Hebert
Maxie Seiji Sasaki Lex Lang
Tabitha Akio Suyama
Courtney Misato Fukuen Sandy Fox
Archie Rikiya Koyama Jamieson Price
Shelly Takako Honda Cristina Valenzuela
Matt Tetsu Inada Richard Epcar
Gabby Maaya Sakamoto Michelle Ruff
Ty Makoto Yasumura Derek Stephen Prince
Professor Cozmo Nobuo Tobita
Cheryl Mamiko Noto Stephanie Sheh
Chansey Satomi Korogi
Butler Kinryu Arimoto
Ghost Girl Rie Kugimiya
Cyrus Kenjiro Tsuda
Mars Sayaka Kitahara
Jupiter Michiko Kaiden Cassandra Lee Morris
Saturn Daiki Yamashita
Charon Kosei Tomita Keith Silverstein
Buck Hiro Shimono Bryce Papenbrook
Iris Rina Hidaka Cherami Leigh
Lenora Saori Takamiya
Elesa China Kitahara Mela Lee
Burgh Christopher Niosi
Brycen Christopher Niosi
Skyla Noriko Shibasaki
Drayden Masami Iwasaki Michael McConnohie
Zinzolin Tomoyuki Shimura Steve Staley
Colress Tokuyoshi Kawashima Christopher Niosi
Ghetsis Sho Hayami Patrick Seitz
N Akira Ishida Grant George
Lysandre Hiroki Tochi
Diantha Sayaka Ohara Laura Post
Malva Marina Inoue Kira Buckland
Mimi Noriko Shibasaki
Emma Maaya Uchida Carrie Keranen
Mother Kikuko Inoue Laura Post
Daughter Honoka Inoue
AZ Keith Silverstein


Ep Title Original airdate
1 "The Adventure"
"Bōken" 冒険 
September 16, 20164
Red is walking through Viridian Forest in the Kanto region, where he quickly encounters a wild Pikachu Red then sends out Bulbasaur and quickly catches Pikachu, embarking on a long adventure and battling Pokémon in different regions from Kanto to Kalos 
2 "The Chase"
"Tsuiseki" 追跡 
September 16, 20165
In Kanto, Detective Looker leads a unit to infiltrate the Viridian City Gym in order to capture Team Rocket's leader, Giovanni 
3 "The Challenger"
"Chōsensha" 挑戦者 
September 23, 20166
The members of the Elite Four face off against a challenger the rival character from Red and Blue who wishes to become the champion of the Kanto region 
4 "The Lake of Rage"
"Ikari no Mizūmi" いかりの湖 
September 30, 20167
After encountering a red Gyarados, Lance of the Elite Four goes to infiltrate a facility taken over by Team Rocket remnants 
5 "The Legacy"
"Keishō" 継承 
October 7, 20168
Following Team Rocket's takeover of the Goldenrod Radio Tower, Detective Looker questions Giovanni's son the rival character from Pokémon Gold and Silver about his father's whereabouts and his upcoming plans 
6 "The Reawakening"
"Saisei" 再生 
October 7, 20169
Eusine explores Ecruteak City's Burned Tower in Johto, looking into the legends of three Pokémon—Entei, Raikou, and Suicune—that were resurrected from its flames 
7 "The Vision"
"Bijon" ビジョン 
October 14, 201610
In the Hoenn region, Team Magma attempts to hold off an intruder the player character from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and his Sceptile while they prepare to bring their dream to fruition 
8 "The Cavern"
"Kaitei Dōkutsu" 海底洞窟 
October 21, 201611
In a deep sea cavern, Archie, leader of Team Aqua, awakens Primal Kyogre, unleashing something he cannot control that aims to sink the world 
9 "The Scoop"
"Sukūpu" スクープ 
October 28, 201612
News reporter Gabby and her cameraman, Ty, uncover top secret footage of a Pokémon battle between two legendary Pokémon in outer space: Deoxys and Mega Rayquaza 
10 "The Old Chateau"
"Mori no Yōkan" 森の洋館 
October 28, 201613
Within the Sinnoh region, Cheryl and her Chansey arrive at the Old Chateau in Eterna Forest, unaware of its haunted nature 
11 "The New World"
"Atarashii Sekai" 新しい世界 
November 4, 201614
The leader of Team Galactic, Cyrus, attempts to create a new world at the Spear Pillar and encounters Giratina, which takes Cyrus to the distortion world 
12 "The Magma Stone"
"Kazan no Okiishi" 火山のおき石 
November 11, 201615
Team Galactic remnants, under Charon's leadership, awaken Heatran in Stark Mountain, but are opposed by Buck, Looker, and their Pokémon 
13 "The Uprising"
"Hanran" 反乱 
November 18, 201616
Team Plasma's castle rises out of the earth surrounding the Unova Pokémon League, but the Gym Leaders of Unova arrive to save the world from their and Ghetsis' evil ambitions 
14 "The Frozen World"
"Kogoeru Sekai" 凍える世界 
November 23, 201617
Gym Leader Drayden battles Team Plasma in Opelucid City, but things go awry when Colress unleashes his secret weapon on the city 
15 "The King Returns"
"Kikan" 帰還 
December 2, 201618
Ghetsis attempts to freeze the world over with Kyurem, but N arrives with Reshiram to stop him 
16 "The Beauty Eternal"
"Eien no Bi" 永遠の美 
December 9, 201619
Lysandre, CEO of Lysandre Labs, goes about his day giving press speeches, meeting women and presenting his company's latest technology, all the while hiding a sinister plot from the people of Kalos 
17 "The Investigation"
"Sōsa" 捜査 
December 16, 201620
Detective Looker and Mimi, an Espurr, pursue the masked Pokémon thief Essentia, suspecting that she is Emma, their kind and innocent assistant 
18 "The Redemption"
"Aganai" 贖い 
December 23, 201621
Kalos' new champion the male player character from X and Y is approached by AZ for battle while a mother tells her daughter AZ's story about Floette and the ultimate weapon that was used to end the Pokémon War 


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