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PlayStation technical specifications

ps3 technical specifications, playstation 4 technical specifications
The PlayStation technical specifications describe the various components of the original PlayStation video game console


  • 1 Central processing unit CPU
  • 2 Memory
  • 3 Graphics processing unit GPU
  • 4 Sound processing unit SPU
  • 5 I/O system and connectivity
  • 6 See also
  • 7 References

Central processing unit CPUedit

LSI CoreWare CW33300-based core1
  • MIPS R3000A-compatible 32-Bit RISC CPU MIPS R3051 with 5KB L1 cache, running at 338688 MHz1
  • The microprocessor was manufactured by LSI Logic Corp with technology licensed from SGI
  • Features:
    • 850k – 1M transistorscitation needed
    • Operating performance: 30 MIPS2
    • Bus bandwidth 132 MB/s3
    • One arithmetic/logic unit ALU
    • One shifter
  • CPU cache RAM:
    • 4 kB instruction cache1
    • 1 kB non-associative SRAM data cache
Geometry Transformation Engine GTE or Cop2citation needed
  • Coprocessor that resides inside the main CPU processor, giving it additional vector math instructions used for 3D graphics, lighting, geometry, polygon and coordinate transformations ‒ GTE performs high speed matrix multiplies
  • Operating performance: 66 MIPS3
  • Polygons per second rendered in hardware:
    • 90,000 with texture mapping, lighting and Gouraud shadingcitation needed
    • 180,000 with texture mapping4
    • 360,0005 with flat shading
Motion Decoder MDEC
  • Also residing within the main CPU, enables full screen, high quality FMV playback and is responsible for decompressing images and video into VRAM2
  • Operating performance: 10 MIPS
  • Documented device mode is to read three RLE-encoded 16×16 macroblocks, run IDCT and assemble a single 16×16 RGB macroblock
  • Output data may be transferred directly to GPU via DMA
  • It is possible to overwrite IDCT matrix and some additional parameters, however MDEC internal instruction set was never documented
  • Features:
    • Compatible with MJPEG and H261 files
    • Directly connected to CPU bus
An SCPH-1001 motherboard An SCPH-9001 motherboard System Control Coprocessor Cop0citation needed
  • This unit is part of the CPU Has 16 32-bit control registers
  • Modified from the original R3000A cop0 architecture, with the addition of a few registers and functions
  • Controls memory management through virtual memory technique, system interrupts, exception handling, and breakpoints


  • 2 MiB main EDO DRAM2
  • Additional RAM is integrated with the GPU including a 1 MiB frame buffer and SPU 512 KiB, see below for details
  • Cache RAM for CPU core and CD-ROM See the relevant sections for details
  • Flash RAM support through the use of memory cards, see below
  • BIOS stored on 512 KiB ROM

Graphics processing unit GPUedit

32-bit Sony GPU
  • Handles display of graphics, control of framebuffer, and drawing of polygons and texturescitation needed
  • Handles 2D graphics processing, in a similar manner to the 3D enginecitation needed
  • RAM:citation needed
    • 1 MB VRAM2 later models contained SGRAM for framebuffer
    • 2 KB texture cache 132 MB/s memory bus bandwidth, 32-bit wide
    • 64 bytes FIFO buffer
  • Features:
    • Adjustable frame buffer 1024×512
    • Emulation of simultaneous backgrounds to simulate parallax scrolling
    • Mask bit
    • Texture window
    • Dithering
    • Clipping
    • Alpha blending 4 per-texel alpha blending modes
    • Fog
    • Framebuffer effects
    • Transparency effects
    • Render to texture
    • Offscreen rendering
    • Multipass rendering
    • Flat or Gouraud shading and texture mapping1
    • No line restriction
    • Colored light sourcing
  • Resolutions:
    • Progressive: 256×224 to 640×240 pixels1
    • Interlaced: 256×448 to 640×480 pixels
  • Colors:
    • Maximum color depth of 16,777,216 colors 24-bit true color
    • 57,344 256×224 to 153,600 640×240 colors on screen
    • Unlimited color lookup tables CLUTs
    • 32 levels of transparency
    • All calculations are performed to 24 bit accuracy
  • Texture mapping color mode:citation needed
    • Mode 4: 4 bit CLUT 16 colors
    • Mode 8: 8 bit CLUT 256 colors
    • Mode 15: 15 bit direct 32768 colors
    • Mode 24: 24 bit 16,777,216 colors
  • Sprite enginecitation needed
    • 1024×512 framebuffer, 8×8 and 16×16 sprite sizes, bitmap objectscitation needed
    • Up to 4,000 sprites on screen at 8×8 sprite size, scaling and rotation16
    • 256×256 maximum sprite size
  • Special sprite effects:
    • Rotation
    • Scaling up/down
    • Warping
    • Transparency
    • Fading
    • Priority
    • Vertical and horizontal line scroll

Sound processing unit SPUedit

16-Bit Sony SPU2
  • Supports ADPCM sources with up to 24 channels2
  • Sampling rate of up to 441 kHz2
  • 512 kB RAM2
  • PCM audio source
  • Supports MIDI sequencing
  • Digital effects include:
    • Pitch modulation
    • Envelope
    • Looping
    • Digital reverb

I/O system and connectivityedit

CD-ROM drive
  • 660 MB maximum storage capacity, double speed CD-ROM drive
  • 2×, with a maximum data throughput of 300 kB/s double speed, 150 KB/s Normal
  • XA Mode 2 compliant
  • Audio CD play
  • CD-DA CD-Digital Audio
  • 128 kB buffer
Two control pads via connectors
  • Expandable with multitap connector
Backup flash RAM support
  • Two removable cards
  • Each card has 128 KB flash memory
  • OS support for File Save, Retrieve and Remove
Video and audio connectivity
  • AV Multi Out Composite video, S-Video, RGBS
  • RCA Composite video and Stereo out SCPH-100x to 3xxx only
  • RFU SCPH-112X DC out SCPH-100x to 3xxx only
  • S-Video out SCPH-1000 only
Serial and parallel ports
  • Serial I/O used for PlayStation Link Cable SCPH-100x to 900x only
  • Parallel I/O N/A SCPH-100x to 750x only
  • 75V DC

See alsoedit

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