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PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament

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The PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament, also known as Qualifying School or Q-School, was an annual tournament which was historically the main method by which golfers earned PGA Tour playing privileges, commonly known as a Tour card Beginning in 2013, Q-School will only grant privileges on the Webcom Tour, the PGA Tour's official developmental circuit The first tournament was played in 19651 In several early years, two separate tournaments were played, one in the spring and one in the fall autumn 1968–69, 1975–811 The format of the tournament has changed several times, ranging from a 72-hole tournament to a 144-hole tournament1 The current format in place since 1982 is 108 holes over six days in late November/early December1 Before 2013, the top 25 players and ties earned their tour cards1 The next set of fifty finishers earned full Webcom Tour cards2 The remaining participants received conditional Webcom Tour status

The 2012 Qualifying Tournament was the last to grant playing privileges for the PGA Tour On March 20, 2012, the tour announced radical changes to its season structure and qualifying process,3 and announced further details on July 10 of that year4

The 2013 season will end with The Tour Championship in September, and the 2014 season will begin the following month As a result, the Qualifying Tournament will only grant playing privileges on the Webcom Tour known as the Nationwide Tour at the time of the March 2012 announcement A new series of four tournaments known as the Webcom Tour Finals, to be held in September, will grant 50 PGA Tour cards to a field consisting of the top 75 on the Webcom Tour money list and the golfers placed 126 to 200 on the PGA Tour's FedEx Cup points list The top 25 on the Webcom Tour money list before the Finals will receive PGA Tour cards, with total money earned in the Finals determining the remaining 25 card earners4


Year Winner Country Cards
2012 Lee Dong-hwan  South Korea 26
2011 Brendon Todd  United States 29
2010 Billy Mayfair  United States 29
2009 Troy Merritt  United States 25
2008 Harrison Frazar  United States 28
2007 Frank Lickliter  United States 26
2006 George McNeill  United States 40
2005 J B Holmes  United States 32
2004 Brian Davis  England 35
2003 Mathias Grönberg  Sweden 34
2002 Jeff Brehaut  United States 38
2001 Pat Perez  United States 36
2000 Stephen Allan  Australia 36
1999 Blaine McCallister  United States 40
1998 Mike Weir  Canada 41
1997 Scott Verplank  United States 38
1996 Allen Doyle
Jimmy Johnston
 United States
 United States
1995 Carl Paulson  United States 42
1994 Woody Austin  United States 46
1993 Ty Armstrong
Robin Freeman
Dave Stockton, Jr
 United States
 United States
 United States
1992 Skip Kendall
Masahiro Kuramoto
Perry Moss
Brett Ogle
Neale Smith
 United States
 United States
1991 Mike Standly  United States 48
1990 Duffy Waldorf  United States 49
1989 David Peoples  United States 59
1988 Robin Freeman  United States 52
1987 John Huston  United States 54
1986 Steve Jones  United States 53
1985 Tom Sieckmann  United States 50
1984 Paul Azinger  United States 50
1983 Willie Wood  United States 57
1982 Donnie Hammond  United States 50
1981 fall Tim Graham
Robert Thompson
 United States
 United States
1981 spring Billy Glisson  United States 25
1980 fall Bruce Douglass  United States 27
1980 spring Jack Spradlin  United States 27
1979 fall Tom Jones  United States 27
1979 spring Terry Mauney  United States 25
1978 fall John Fought
Jim Thorpe
 United States
 United States
1978 spring Wren Lum  United States 28
1977 fall Ed Fiori  United States 34
1977 spring Phil Hancock  United States 26
1976 fall Keith Fergus  United States 29
1976 spring Woody Blackburn
Bob Shearer
 United States
1975 fall Jerry Pate  United States 25
1975 spring Joey Dills  United States 13
1974 Fuzzy Zoeller  United States 19
1973 Ben Crenshaw  United States 23
1972 John Adams
Larry Stubblefield
 United States
 United States
1971 Bob Zender  United States 23
1970 Robert Barbarossa  Canada 18
1969 fall Doug Olson  United States 12
1969 spring Bob Eastwood  United States 12
1968 fall Grier Jones  United States 30
1968 spring Bob Dickson  United States 15
1967 Bobby Cole  South Africa 30
1966 Harry Toscano  United States 32
1965 John Schlee  United States 17


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