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Peptidyl transferase

peptidyl transferase, peptidyl transferase center
The peptidyl transferase is an aminoacyltransferase EC 23212 as well as the primary enzymatic function of the ribosome, which forms peptide bonds between adjacent amino acids using tRNAs during the translation process of protein biosynthesis The substrates for the peptidyl transferase reaction are two RNA molecules, one bearing the growing peptide chain and the other bearing the amino acid that will be added to the chain The peptidyl chain and the amino acids are attached to their respective tRNAs via ester bonds to the O atom at the CCA-3' ends of these tRNAs

Peptidyl transferase activity is carried out by the ribosome Peptidyl transferase activity is not mediated by any ribosomal proteins but by ribosomal RNA rRNA, a ribozyme Ribozymes are the only enzymes which are not made up of proteins, but ribonucleotides All other enzymes are made up of proteins This RNA relic is the most significant piece of evidence supporting the RNA World hypothesis

  • In Prokaryotes, the 50S 23S component ribosome subunit contains the peptidyl transferase component and acts as a ribozyme The peptidyl transferase center on the 50S subunit lies at the lower tips acceptor ends of the A- and O- site tRNAs
  • In Eukaryotes, the 60S 28S component ribosome subunit contains the peptidyl transferase component and acts as the ribozyme

Peptidyl transferases are not limited to translation, but there are relatively few enzymes with this function


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Antibiotic target

The following protein synthesis inhibitors target peptidyl transferase:

  • Chloramphenicol binds to A2451 and A2452 residues in the 23S rRNA of the ribosome and inhibits peptide bond formation
  • Pleuromutilins also bind to peptidyl transferase
  • Macrolide antibiotics are thought to inhibit peptidyl transferase, in addition to inhibiting ribosomal translocation

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  • Transferase
  • Translation


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