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Pennsylvania Railroad 3750

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Coordinates: 39°58′56″N 79°9′40″W / 3998222°N 7916111°W / 3998222; -7916111

PRR 3750
Type and origin
Power type Steam
Builder Altoona Works
Build date 1918
  Whyte 4-6-2
Gauge 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in 1,435 mm
Leading dia 36 in 914 mm
Driver dia 80 in 2,032 mm
Trailing dia 50 in 1,270 mm
Wheelbase 13 ft 10 in 42 m between driving axles
Length 83 ft 6 in 255 m
Loco weight 274,500 lb 124,511 kg
  Firegrate area
70 sq ft 7 m2
Boiler pressure 205 psi 1,413 kPa
Cylinder size 27 in × 28 in 686 mm × 711 mm
Performance figures
Tractive effort 44,460 lbf 197,7679 N
Factor of adh 454
Operators Pennsylvania Railroad
Class K4s
Current owner

Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission

US National Register of Historic Places
Official name Passenger Locomotive No 1737
Designated December 17, 1979
Part of Pennsylvania Railroad Rolling Stock Thematic Resource
Reference no 790022731

PRR 3750 is a Pennsylvania Railroad K4s steam locomotive located in the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, outside of Strasburg, Pennsylvania in the United States For over a decade, 3750 stood in for the prototype K4s, 1737, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 It is one of the two remaining K4s locomotives and, along with PRR 1361, was designated the official state steam locomotive in 1987 by the Pennsylvania General Assembly


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PRR 3750 was used to haul the Pennsylvania Railroad's main line passenger trains such as the Broadway Limited Despite the attempt by railroad management to replace the K4s with the K5 and T1, the K4s would remain in action until dieselization in 1957 The 3750 was spared from being scrapped because, when the Pennsylvania Railroad was considering steam engines for preservation, the first K4, 1737, had deteriorated to the point that it was not worth preserving The Pennsylvania decided to scrap 1737 and use 3750 as a stand-in; 3750 received the original number plates and tender from 17372

In 1921, 3750 headed up soon-to-be President Warren G Harding's campaign train3 Three years later, it also was one of the locomotives that pulled Harding's funeral train

The Pennsylvania General Assembly designated 3750 and 1361 the official state steam locomotives on December 18, 1987, while also designating the GG1 4859 the state electric locomotive in the same bill4


As of 2008, the 3750 sits on static display at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg

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