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Pemmo of Friuli

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Pemmo or Penno was the Duke of Friuli for twenty-six years, from about 705 to his death He was the son of Billo of Belluno

Pemmo came to the duchy at a time when a recent civil war had ravaged the land Pemmo raised all the children of the many nobles killed in the war in his own household next to his own sons He also waged three wars with the Slavs of Carinthia He defeated them so utterly the third time, that they entered into a peace treaty

Pemmo also quarrelled with Callistus, Patriarch of Aquileia The patriarch was at odds with the bishop of Cividale and removed him Pemmo, in response, arrested the patriarch For this, King Liutprand descended on Friuli and appointed Ratchis, Pemmo's son, in his place Pemmo fled with his followers, but his son secured his pardon Pemmo left two other sons by Ratperga: Ratchait and Aistulf, who became king


  1. ^ Information about Pemmo and Ratperga


  • Paul the Deacon Historia Langobardorum
Preceded by
Duke of Friuli
c 706 – 739
Succeeded by

pemmo of friuli italy, pemmo of friuli venezia, pemmo of friuli wine, pemmo of friuligol

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