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Pedal on Parliament

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Pedal on Parliament is a grassroots campaign group that wants Scotland to be a place where active travel is safe and enjoyable Set up in 2012, it seeks improvements to make conditions on Scotland's roads suitable for those aged from 8 to 80 Event have been held annually, which have all included people cycling through Edinburgh to the Parliament A simultaneous ride in Aberdeen was introduced in 2015

In 2017, events are planned over two days: 22 April in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness; 23 April in Glasgow


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    • 31 Inaugural 2012 event
    • 32 2013 event
    • 33 2014 event
    • 34 2015 event
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The campaign has an eight-point manifesto of areas for improvement towards making Scotland a cycle-friendly nation:1

  1. Proper funding for cycling
  2. Design cycling into Scotland’s roads
  3. Safer speeds where people live, work and play
  4. Integrate cycling into local transport strategies
  5. Sensible road traffic law and enforcement
  6. Reduce the risk of HGVs to cyclists and pedestrians
  7. A strategic and joined-up programme of road user training
  8. Solid research on cycling to support policy-making

Pedal on Parliament rideedit

Each year, a ride has followed a route from The Meadows to the Scottish Parliament The main ride gathers at Middle Meadow Walk, and then goes via George IV Bridge and the Royal Mile The ride down to the parliament is carried out at a leisurely pace as there are many children, some on balance bikes, and also people walking alongside that are not able to cycle for whatever reason It is policed mainly by Edinburgh-based Police on bikes, who also ride in with some of the local feeder rides, which can exceed 200 cyclists, and takes around 30 minutes for the end of the ride to leave The Meadows During the ride, road in the area are closed to traffic2

Participants in the main riders assemble at the parliament where speeches are then given by activists, politicians and others

A minute's silence has been held at these rides, to remember those unfortunate cyclists who have been killed on the roads3 In contrast, ringing of bike bells has also been used to celebrate cycling, and to signal agreement with speakers4

Feeder ridesedit

A series of "feeder rides" are organised from various locations around Edinburgh and Scotland These allow people to cycle to the event in a group, with the benefit of safety in numbers as well as being a sociable occasion The feeder rides are often joined by people en route to the Meadows, either at pre-defined points, or ad-hoc There was also a guided ride back to The Meadows along quiet streets after the event was over


Pedal on Parliament is a grassroots campaign which first organised a protest ride in 2012 in response to a lack of investment in cycling5 Before the group was formed, there was no national cycling campaign for Scotland6 After the large turnout in 2012, the group realised that their work would need to continue7 The group are now one of the organisations that take part in Scottish Parliament's Cross-Party group on cycling8

Inaugural 2012 eventedit

The first event took place on Saturday 28 April 2012, with between 2500-3000 people in attendance9 After gathering at The Meadows, people cycled down to the parliament where they delivered a petition that had been signed by over 3000 people10 This rally had followed several meetings between Government and road safety professionals and safety campaigners11

2013 eventedit

The second event was held on Sunday 19 May 2013 The procession of 4000 cyclists were led by the families of Audrey Fyfe and Andrew McNicoll who were both killed while cycling in Edinburgh,12 as well as the athlete Graeme Obree13 Paul Wheelhouse, Minister for Environment and Climate Change, received the campaign's eight-point manifesto13

2014 eventedit

The third Pedal on Parliament was held on 26 April 2014 and was the largest yet, with estimates of over 4500 people attending14 The event had started at midday due to allow for the football match traffic later that day and the Great Edinburgh Run being held the following day

Speeches were introduced by David Brennan, one of the organisers,15 and began with the views from three children, who were followed by a number of MSPs and campaign leaders:

  • Daniel, Kyle, and Katharine: children who explained they wanted to cycle, but couldn't because of the lack of safe infrastructure and the dangerous roads between their house and school
  • Keith Brown MSP, Minister for Transport SNP, who remarked that "this was the largest demonstration we have seen outside parliament"
  • Alison Johnstone MSP, Lothian Green
  • Willie Rennie MSP, Mid Scotland and Fife Lib Dem
  • Claudia Beamish MSP, South Scotland Labour
  • Councillor Cameron Rose, Edinburgh Conservative
  • Lynne McNicoll from the charity Andrew Cyclist
  • Chris Oliver from Road Share spoke about the campaign for presumed liability

Several other MSPs and councillors were at the event, primarily from Edinburgh and the surrounding areas1617

2015 eventedit

The fourth event was held on Saturday 25 April 2015 Transport Minister Derek Mackay attended the event along with representatives of all the main political parties2

Speeches were again held outside the Parliament, following a minute's silence for those who have been killed on the roads18

  • Briana Pegado, President of the Edinburgh University Students' Association
  • Emilia Hanna, Friends of the Earth
  • Derek Mackay MSP, Minister for Transport and Islands, announced "record breaking" funding for cycling in 2015/16
  • Cameron Buchanan MSP, Conservative
  • Sarah Boyack MSP, Labour
  • Alison Johnstone MSP, Green
  • Bruce Whitehead, Left Unity candidate

Pedal on Marischal, Aberdeenedit

A simultaneous ride was also held in Aberdeen, from Hazlehead Park to Marischal College, to increase the profile of cycling in the city19 Around 150 people gathered at the headquarters of Aberdeen City Council and were met by councillors from a range of parties20

2016 eventedit

A fifth mass ride event was held on 23 April 2016, during the run up to the Scottish elections, with a main ride in Edinburgh and a simultaneous ride in Aberdeen21 The Edinburgh ride was attended by the leaders of three political parties- Kezia Dugdale, Willie Rennie and Patrick Harvie22 It was the second year that Derek Mackay, Scotland's Minister for Transport, took part23

2017 eventsedit

In 2017, local elections were being held and organisers planned to have rides over two days, initially announcing rides in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow24 A ride in Inverness was announced later2526

In Aberdeen there were around 100 people on the ride,27 while there were around 120 people on the Inverness ride28


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