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Pax Sinica

pax sinica, pax sinica definition
Pax Sinica Latin for "Chinese peace" is a historiographical term, modeled after the original phrase Pax Romana, applied to the period of peace in East Asia, maintained by Chinese hegemony During this period, long-distance trade flourished, cities ballooned, standards of living rose, and the population surged1 It is usually the period of rule by the Western Zhou, Western Han, Eastern Han, Tang, Ming, and Qing dynasties2 During these periods, China maintained the dominant civilization in the region, due to its political, economic, military and cultural power

The first Pax Sinica of the eastern world by Han China coincided with the Pax Romana of the Western World by Rome3 It stimulated the long-distance travel and trade in Eurasian history4 The Pax Sinica and Pax Romana both eroded at about 200 AD4

Sui China 581-618 established a second Pax Sinica in AD 589, continued by Tang China 618–9075 This was considered one of the golden ages of China5 The economy, commerce, culture, and science was flourishing and reached new heights5 During the early Tang-era, most notably during Emperor Taizong's reign, the Chinese brought their nomadic neighbors to submission5 This secured the safety and peace at the many trade routes5 The Pax Sinica brought forth a new age for exchange via the Silk Road5 The Chinese civilization became open and cosmopolitan to all people from near and far away5 Many people from different backgrounds and denominations traveled to the capital of Chang'an5 These included clerics, merchants, and envoys from India, Persia, Arabia, Syria, Korea, and Japan5

A resurgence of this term has happened in recent years, as the rise of China changes the geopolitical landscape in Asia The view has been expressed that a renewed Pax Sinica in Central Asia may help maintain stability in the region6

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Further readingedit

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