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Paul von Krause

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Paul Georg Christoph von Krause 4 April 1852 – 17 December 1923 was a German jurist and politician


Paul von Krause was born Paul Krause in Karbowo near Brodnica, West Prussia modern Poland, he was ennobled "von Krause" in 1913[1][2]

Krause studied law at the Universities of Leipzig, Heidelberg and Berlin and passed his doctorate in 1877 at the University of Göttingen Since 1880 he worked as a lawyer, since 1887 also as a Notary, in Königsberg and Berlin

From 1902 to 1909 Krause was a member of the board of the German bar association and Chairman of the Berlin bar association from 1905 to 1917 He was elected as a National Liberal member of the Prussian Parliament Abgeordnetenhaus, representing the constituency of Königsberg-Fischhausen, in 1888 and became its Vice-President in 1896[1][2]

Krause was the Chairman of the German Association of inland navigation in 1904-1906 and became Secretary of State of the Reichsjustizamt on 7 August 1917 He remained in this position throughout the German November Revolution and was replaced by Otto Landsberg on 13 February 1919[1][2]

Krause became a member of the Prussian Constitutional Assembly "Preußische Landesversammlung" in 1919 and the Prussian Landtag in 1921, representing the Deutsche Volkspartei[1][2]

Krause died in Berlin, where a street "Paul-Krause-Strasse" is named after him[3]


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