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Paul Detienne

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Paul Detienne 30 December 1924, Rochefort, Belgium – 31 October 2016, Brussels was a Belgian Jesuit priest, noted for his literary endeavours in the Bengali language His pen name was Father Detienne Bengali: ফাদার দ্যতিয়েন

He began his religious training in the early 1940s and arrived in West Bengal in 1949, where he stayed until 1977 He studied Bengali language and literature at St Xavier’s College, Kolkata and at Santiniketan and went on to become a noted writer of Bengali in his own right He is best known for his column Diaryr Chhenra Pata ডায়েরির ছেঁড়াপাতা,Torn Pages of My Diary which first appeared in the premiere Bengali literary magazine Desh and ran on and off for many years They were eventually compiled into a book Other diaristic books he published include Atpoure Dinpanjee আটপৌরে দিনপঞ্জি and Rojnamcha রোজনামচা as well as the compilation Godyo Songraha গদ্য সংগ্রহ

Bengali writings of Father Detienne

Father Detienne is credited with rescuing the Bengali Itihasmala ইতিহাসমালা by William Carey, the 18th-century missionary who did pioneering work on the Bengali language He also translated writers such as Saint-Exupéry and Mircea Eliade into Bengali His life's work was rewarded by the Paschimbanga Bangla Academy in 2010, when he won the prestigious Rabindra Smriti Puroshkar

He returned to Belgium in 1977 and worked as hospital chaplain till retirement in 1989 He collaborated also with the Belgian Jesuit theological journal Nouvelle revue théologique as a book reviewer He reviewed approximately 800 books in 20 years, which are available online

Paul Detienne died in Brussels on the 31 October 2016

Literary prizes

  • Narasingha Das Puroshkar 1972
  • Rabindra Smriti Purashkar 2010


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