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Patrick Moore (golfer)

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Patrick Joseph Moore born April 28, 1970 is an American professional golfer

Moore was born in Austin, Minnesota He was a member of the PGA Tour He has struggled with injuries for most of his career He won three Buycom Tour events in 2002 which gave him an immediate promotion to the PGA Tour

Moore has struggled with back injuries since 2003 and has played in very few tournaments since 2004, although he maintained a PGA Tour card through a medical extension through the 2014 season


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    • 11 Buycom Tour wins 3
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Professional wins 3edit

Buycom Tour wins 3edit

  • 2002 Greater Richmond Open, Lake Erie Charity Classic at Peek 'n Peak Resort, Buycom Tour Championship

See alsoedit

  • 2002 Buycom Tour graduates

External linksedit

  • Patrick Moore at the PGA Tour official site

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