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Pandari Bai Kannada: ಪಂಡರೀ ಬಾಯಿ; 18 September 1928 – 29 January 2003 was a prominent actress of South Indian languages films mostly in Kannada language during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s She is considered Kannada cinema's first successful heroine She has the distinction of having acted as both heroine and mother to stalwarts such as Rajkumar, MGR and Sivaji Ganesan She was the heroine in Rajkumar's debut movie Bedara Kannappa and also Sivaji's debut movie Parasakthi She has acted in over 1,000 films in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi


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Early life and education

Born in Bhatkal, Karnataka, in present Uttara Kannada Her father was a drawing master and a Harikatha exponent, and also a stage actor He taught her the art of Harikatha, thus even before she was ten years old, Pandari started giving Harikatha performances


Pandaribai began her career in acting in plays based on mythological stories before making her film debut in 1943 with the Kannada language film, Vani She shot to fame after appearing in the hugely successful 1954 Kannada film Bedara Kannappa opposite another future star Rajkumar In the film, she played the role of Neela, wife of Kanna played by Rajkumar, a hunter She established herself as a lead actress portraying a woman with a 'progressive' image assuming the burdens of a feudal patriarchy in films such as Sant Sakhu 1955 and Rayara Sose 1957 In 1959, she appeared in Abba Aa Hudugi, with her sister Mynavathi The film is considered a landmark in Kannada cinema

She went to act in around 1,500 films in other languages like Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi and enjoyed a long career span of nearly half a century Her first film in Tamil Parasakthi directed by the duo directors Krishnan-Panju in the year 1952, where she paired with Sivaji Ganesan was a grand success She played lead roles in many movies and then switched over to character roles

Later in her career Pandari Bai played the mother of stars older than her, most of whom had played the lead with her in her earlier years She also played as mother to actors like M G Ramachandran in Tamil and Rajesh Khanna in Hindi, NT Ramarao in Telugu Pandari Bai also acted in a couple of Kannada TV serials Amma and Manethana 1998–2000 Both of them were produced by her sister Mynavathy's Son's company Yantra MediaThe last picture in her career was "Baaro Nanna Muddina Krishna" in Kannada which had Sashikumar as lead


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Year Title of the film Language Role
1943 Vani Kannada
1944 Haridas Tamil
1947 Bhakta Gora Kumbhara
1949 Bahar Hindi Malti
1950 Raja Vikrama
1951 Ek Tha Raja
Marmayogi Tamil
1952 Parasakthi Tamil
1953 Gumasta Telugu
Gumastha Tamil Susheela
Thirumbi Paar
1954 Andha Naal Tamil Usha, wife of Rajan
Bedara Kannappa Kannada Neela, wife of Kanna
Nallakalam Tamil
1955 Sodari
Bhakta Mallikarjuna
Sant Sakhu
Chella Pillai Tamil Anjalai
Vadina Telugu
1956 Bhakta Vijaya
Hari Bhakta
Kula Deivam
Renuka Mahatme
1957 Bhabhi Hindi Shanta
Rayaran Sose
Sati Nalayini
1958 Anbu Engey Tamil Amudha
1959 Alli Petra Pullai Tamil
Aval Yar
Abba Aa Hudugi
Engal Kula Daivi
Naalu Veli Neelam
Nattukoru Nallavan
Paigham Hindi Parvati Ratan Lal
Pathirai Matru Thangam
Uthami Petra Rathinam Tamil
1960 Anbukkor Anni
Bhakta Shabari
Irumbu Thirai Tamil
Ivan Avanethan
Pavai Vilakku
Raja Bhakti Tamil Princess Devasena
Thanthaikupin Thamayan
1964 Thaayin Madiyil Tamil Parvathi
Annapoorna Kannada Annapoorna
1965 CID Telugu Parvathi
1966 Chandhrodhayam Tamil Lakshmi
1967 Selva Magal Tamil Parvathi
1968 Jeevanaamsam film Tamil Meenakshi
1969 Adimaippenn Tamil Abirami Mangamma
1970 Nadu Iravil Tamil Ponni
1971 Iru Thuruvam Tamil
1971 Sabatham Tamil Lakshmi
1973 Gauravam Tamil
1974 Thirumangalyam Tamil
1974 Bangaarada Panjara Kannada Mother of Rajkumar
1982 Chalisuva Modagalu Kannada Mother of Ambika
1984 Apoorva Sangama Kannada Mother of Rajkumar
1986 Anuraga Aralithu Kannada Mother of Rajkumar
1987 Shruthi Seridaaga Kannada Mother of Rajkumar
1992 Mannan Tamil Mother of Rajinikanth
1992 Jeevana Chaitra Kannada Mother of Rajkumar
1993 Aakasmika Kannada Mother of Rajkumar
1994 Jai Hind Tamil Annai Maria Devi


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