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Pallavicini family

pallavicini family, pallavicini family crest
The Pallavicini, Pallavicino, and in former times named "Pelavicino", are an Italian noble family descended from Oberto I died 1148 The first Pallavicino fief was created by Oberto II, who received it from Frederick Barbarossa in 1162 A number of lines descended from Guglielmo died 1217, possessor of a series of fiefs between Parma and Piacenza and a descendant of the Lombard Obertenga family along with the Este, the Cavalcabò and Malaspina They are:

  • The Pallavicini of the Latin Empire
    • descendants of Guglielmo through his sons Guy also known as Galdo and Rubino
  • The Pallavicini of Lombardy
  • The Pallavicini of Varano
  • The Pallavicini of Polesine
  • The Pallavicini of Busseto
  • The Pallavicini of Ravarano today part of Calestano
  • The Pallavicini - Rospigliosi family of Tuscany and Rome
  • The Pallavicino of Sicily

A second main branch of the family or perhaps a separate family was formed by the descendants of Niccolò Pallavicini alive in 1154, whose origins are doubtful—probably he belonged to the Genoese patriciate—and whose links with the Obertenghi are uncertain:1

  • The Pallavicini of Genoa
    • patricians of Genoa


  • 1 The Pallavicini of the Latin Empire
  • 2 Notable members
  • 3 See also
  • 4 Notes
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The Pallavicini of the Latin Empireedit

Through Guy and his brother Rubino, a branch of the family rose to prominence in the Latin Empire founded after the Fourth Crusade in 1204

They governed the Margraviate of Bodonitsa from 1204 to 1358 They grew in riches and, after 1224, became also the most powerful family in the former Kingdom of Thessalonica northern Greece The first margraves were of Guy's line until his daughter Isabella died, at which time the line of Rubino inherited the throne The Pallavicini were related to the De la Roche family then ruling in Athens After the death of Albert in 1311 the Pallavicini influence slowly declined The subsequent Zorzi margraves were matrilineal descendants of the last Pallavicini marquise, Guglielma

Notable membersedit

Arms of the Grafen von Pallavicini
  • Guglielmo Pallavicino Pallavicino died 12172
  • Oberto I Pallavicino
  • Oberto II Pallavicino
  • Guy died 1237
  • Oberto Pelavicino 1197–1269
  • Ubertino died 1278
  • Isabella died 1286
  • Thomas born before 1286, died after 1331, margrave of Bodonitsa, grandson of Rubino
  • Albert died 1311
  • Guglielma died 1358
  • Orlando sometimes Rolando “il Magnifico” c1393–14572
  • Sir Horatio Pallavicino c 1540 – 1600, merchant, financier, and diplomat in England
  • Benedetto Pallavicino c 1551 – 1601, from Cremona, composer
  • Pietro Sforza Pallavicino 1607–1667, historian and cardinal
  • Ferrante Pallavicino 1618–1644, Italian writer
  • Carlo Pallavicino c 1630 – 1688, composer
  • Stefano Benedetto Pallavicino 1672–1742, Italian poet and opera librettist
  • Lazzaro Opizio Pallavicino 1776–1777, Camerlengo of the Sacred College of Cardinals
  • Gianluca Pallavicino, general and governor of Lombardy second half of 18th century
  • Emilio Pallavicini 1823–1901, general and senator who defeated Garibaldi at the battle of Aspromonte
  • Johann, Markgraf von Pallavicini 1848–1941, Austro-Hungarian diplomat
  • Benjamín Solari Parravicini 1898–1974, Argentine artist and prophet
  • Marchesa Anna d'Androgna Parravicini, 1840-1922 Noblewoman and patron of the arts
  • Markgraf Őrgróf Tamás Csáky-Pallavicini 1960- , Secretary General of the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations in the Vatican3
  • Karen Akers born Orth-Pallavicini 1945-, American actress and singer

See alsoedit

Palais Pallavicini in Vienna

A number of buildings are named after the family:

  • Palais Pallavicini in Vienna, Austria
  • Palazzo Pallavicini-Rospigliosi in Rome, Italy
  • Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini near Genoa, Italy
  • Palazzo Pallavicini in Bologna, Italy
  • Villa Gandolfi-Pallavicini in Bologna, Italy
  • Palazzo Pallavicino it in Parma, Italy

Businesses Owned and Operated by the members of the Paravisini/Pallavicini Family

  • Paravisini Coffee Company in Rhode Island, USA4


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