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Oxford (disambiguation)

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Oxford is a city in Oxfordshire, England, famous for the University of Oxford

Oxford may also refer to:


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  • Oxford UK Parliament constituency, the historic Parliamentary constituency of the city
  • Oxford Canal, a canal from Coventry to Oxford, England
  • Oxford Castle, England
  • Oxford East UK Parliament constituency, a modern Parliamentary constituency of the city
  • Oxford West and Abingdon UK Parliament constituency, the other modern constituency including the city


  • Oxford Edmonton, a neighbourhood in Edmonton, Alberta
  • Mount Oxford Nunavut, a mountain on Ellesmere Island
  • Oxford, Nova Scotia, in Cumberland County
  • Oxford County, Ontario
    • Oxford electoral district

United Statesedit

  • New Oxford, Pennsylvania, US
  • North Oxford, Maine, US
  • Oxford, Alabama
  • Oxford, Arkansas
  • Oxford, Colorado
  • Oxford, Connecticut
  • Oxford, Florida
  • Oxford, Georgia
  • Oxford, Idaho
  • Oxford, Indiana
  • Oxford, Iowa
  • Oxford, Kansas
  • Oxford, Kentucky
  • Oxford, Maine
    • Oxford CDP, Maine
  • Oxford, Maryland
  • Oxford, Massachusetts
    • Oxford CDP, Massachusetts
  • Oxford, Michigan
  • Oxford, Mississippi
  • Oxford, Nebraska
  • Oxford Township, New Jersey
    • Oxford CDP, New Jersey
  • Oxford town, New York
    • Oxford village, New York
  • Oxford, North Carolina
  • Oxford, Ohio
  • Oxford, Pennsylvania
  • Oxford, West Virginia
  • Oxford town, Wisconsin
    • Oxford, Wisconsin
  • Oxford, United States Virgin Islands
  • Oxford Junction, Iowa, US
  • South Oxford, Maine, US

Other placesedit

  • Oxford, New Zealand
  • Oxford County disambiguation
  • Oxford Falls, New South Wales, Australia
  • Oxford Township disambiguation


  • Oxford surname, a surname and a list of people with the name
  • Bishop of Oxford
  • Earl of Oxford, a title in the English peerage
    • Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford 1550–1604, candidate of Oxfordian theory

Art, entertainment and mediaedit

  • Oxford Bach Choir
  • Oxford English Dictionary

Brands and enterprisesedit

  • Oxford company, a producer of office products
  • Oxford toy company, a South Korean toy company
  • Oxford Bus Company, a bus transport company
  • Oxford Diffraction, a British company specializing in X-ray diffraction equipment, now part of Varian, Inc
  • Oxford Exchange, a shopping center in Oxford, Alabama
  • Oxford Instruments, a scientific company
  • Oxford Playhouse, a theatre in Oxford, England
  • Oxford Properties Group, a Canadian property management company
  • Oxford Records, a record label
  • Oxford University Press, a university press


  • Oxford cloth, a type of cotton cloth, typically used for shirts
  • Oxford shirt, a shirt made of Oxford cloth
  • Oxford shoe, a style of shoe

Educational institutionsedit

  • Oxford Academy California, US
  • Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, England
  • Oxford College of Emory University, US
  • Oxford International School, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • University of Oxford, Oxford, England

Flora and faunaedit

  • Oxford, a red variety of Darwin tulip
  • Golden Oxford, a yellow variety of Darwin tulip
  • Oxford Ragwort, Senecio squalidus a plant
  • Oxford sheep, or Oxford Down, a breed of sheep originating in England


  • Oxford comma, the serial comma
  • Oxford English, a formal style of English
  • Oxford "-er", a type of slang


  • Oxford Group, a 20th-century religious movement which became Moral Re-Armament
  • Oxford Movement, 19th century Anglo-Catholic theological movement


  • Oxford Blue, a sporting award
  • Oxford City FC, an English Conference North football club
  • Oxford FC, a 19th-century football club in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Oxford Plains Speedway, a race track in Oxford, Maine
  • Oxford Rugby League, a rugby league club in Oxford, England
  • Oxford United FC, an English League Two football club
  • Oxford United Stars FC, a football club in Northern Ireland


  • Manchester Oxford Road railway station, a railway station in Manchester, England
  • Oxford Airport, England
  • Oxford / City of Sheridan RTD, a transit station in Sheridan, Colorado, USA
  • Oxford railway station, England
  • Oxford Rewley Road railway station, a former railway station in Oxford, England
  • Oxford Road Halt railway station, a former railway station near Oxford, England
  • Oxford services, a motorway service station near Oxford, England
  • Oxford station Ohio, a proposed Amtrak station in Oxford, Ohio, USA
  • Oxford Tube, an express coach service between Oxford and London


  • Airspeed Oxford, World War II–era twin-engine trainer aircraft
  • HMS Oxford, two ships of the Royal Navy
  • Morris Oxford, a car
  • Nuffield Oxford Taxi, or Wolseley Oxford Taxi, a taxicab
  • SS City of Oxford, merchant ship sunk in the Second World War

Other usesedit

  • Oxford Archaeology, an archaeological unit of sedimentary rock
  • Oxford Clay, a type of sedimentary rock
  • Oxford Round Table, a series of interdisciplinary conferences

See alsoedit

  • Ox Ford, an action during the Battle of North Anna in the American Civil War
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