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Oxford City Council

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Oxford City Council provides local government for the city of Oxford in England


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Between the 2004 local elections, and 2010 the council was in minority administration, first by councillors from the Labour Party, with the Liberal Democrats being the official opposition In 2006 these roles were reversed, although two years later the council returned to being run by a minority Labour administration1 before they took full control in 2010 Despite the stereotypical view of Oxford as a conservative city, there are no elected Conservatives on the city council The Independent Working Class Association was represented for a decade between 2002 and 2012

Since 2002, elections have been held for Oxford City Council in even years, with each councillor serving a term of four years Each electoral ward within Oxford is represented by two councillors, thus all wards elect one councillor at each election Prior to 2002, the City Council was elected by thirds

In early 2003, the Oxford City Council submitted a bid to become a unitary authority2 This was received by the Department for Communities and Local Government3 but subsequently rejected456

Since 2008, Oxford City Council has been undergoing a programme of Business Transformation which has now been delivered in to the City Council7

Oxford City Council contains all of the Oxford East parliamentary constituency, which was won by Labour in the 2010 General Election with an increased majority but was until then a highly marginal seat with the Liberal Democrats8 The Council also covers part of the Oxford West and Abingdon parliamentary constituency, which was won from the Liberal Democrats by the Conservatives at the 2010 General Election, albeit with a very small majority Labour and the Conservatives have since massively increased their majorities in their respective constituencies following the collapse of the Liberal Democrat vote at the 2015 general election

In 2016, Oxfordshire County Council put forward a 'One Oxfordshire' proposal which would see Oxford City Council and the four other district councils in Oxfordshire abolished and replaced with a single unitary county council for Oxfordshire9 In 2017, Oxford City Council voiced their opposition to the proposal10 A decision on whether the proposal will go ahead will be announced in March 2017


Political group leaders and senior politicians for the Oxford City Council outgoing council at the election in 2010 From left to right: Jonathan Gittos candidate for the Conservatives, Councillor Stephen Brown leader of the political group of Liberal Democrats, Councillor John Tanner senior member of the Labour group, Councillor Craig Simmons leader of the Green group Partisan composition
Year Labour Liberal Democrat Green IWCA Independent Conservative Source Controlling party
2016 35 8 4 0 1 0 11 Labour
2014 33 8 6 0 1 0 12 Labour
2012 29 13 5 0 1 0 13 Labour
2010 26 16 5 1 0 0 1415 Labour
2008 23 16 7 2 0 0 1 No overall control
2006 17 19 8 4 0 0 16 No overall control
2004 20 18 7 3 0 0 17 No overall control
2002 29 15 3 1 0 0 18 Labour
2000 21 21 7 1 0 1 18 No overall control
Partisan control Majority control of Oxford City Council
Years Party
2010–present Labour
2004–2010 No overall control
2002–2004 Labour
2000–2002 No overall control
1980–2000 Labour
1976–1980 Conservative
1973–1976 Labour


Ward Name   Party Next Election First Elected
Barton and Sandhills Van Coulter Labour 2018 2010
Barton and Sandhills Mike Rowley Labour 2020 2010 by election
Blackbird Leys Rae Humberstone Labour 2018 2005
Blackbird Leys Linda Smith Labour 2020 Nov 2014
Carfax Ruthi Brandt Green 2018 2014
Carfax Alex Hollingsworth Labour 2020 2014 by election
Churchill Susan Brown Labour 2018 2014
Churchill Mark Lygo Labour 2020 2008
Cowley David Henwood Labour 2020 2014 by election
Cowley Christine Simm Labour 2018 2014
Cowley Marsh Mohammed Abbasi Labour 2018 2002 in St Marys
Cowley Marsh Sajjad Malik Labour 2020 2004 as a Lib Dem
Headington Mohammed Altaf-Khan Liberal Democrat 2018 2006 in HH&N
Headington Ruth Wilkinson Liberal Democrat 2020 2008
Headington Hill and Northway Farida Anwar Labour 2018 2014
Headington Hill and Northway Nigel Chapman Labour 2020 2016
Hinksey Park Bob Price Labour 2018 1983
Hinksey Park Marie Tidball Labour 2020 2016
Holywell David Thomas Green 2018 2014
Holywell Dan Iley-Williamson Labour 2020 2016
Iffley Fields Richard Tarver Labour 2018 2014
Iffley Fields Stephen John Curran Labour 2020 2016
Jericho and Osney Susanna Pressel Labour 2018 1996
Jericho and Osney Colin Cook Labour 2020 2005 by election
Littlemore Gill Sanders Labour 2018 c 1994
Littlemore John Tanner Labour 2020 2002
Lye Valley Ben Lloyd-Shogbesan Labour 2018 2010
Lye Valley Pat Kennedy Labour 2020 2012
Marston Mary Clarkson Labour 2018 c 1998
Marston Mick Haines Independent 2020 2012
North Louise Upton Labour 2018 2013 by election
North James Fry Labour 2020 2012
Northfield Brook Jennifer Pegg Labour 2018 2015 by election
Northfield Brook Sian Taylor Labour 2020 Nov 2014
Quarry and Risinghurst Dee Sinclair Labour 2018 2002
Quarry and Risinghurst Chewe Munkonge Labour 2020 2014 by election
Rose Hill and Iffley Michele Paule Labour 2018 2014
Rose Hill and Iffley Edward Turner Labour 2020 2002
St Clement's Tom Hayes Labour 2018 2014
St Clement's Jamila Begum Azad Labour 2020 2016
St Margaret's Elizabeth Wade Liberal Democrat 2018 2014
St Margaret's Tom Landell Mills Liberal Democrat 2020 2016
St Mary's Dick Wolff Green 2018 2010
St Mary's Craig Simmons Green 2020 2012
Summertown Jean Fooks Liberal Democrat 2018 1992
Summertown Andrew Gant Liberal Democrat 2020 2014
Wolvercote Steve Goddard Liberal Democrat 2018 1996
Wolvercote Angie Goff Liberal Democrat 2020 2008

Climate changeedit

Oxford City Council became the first UK authority to divest from fossil fuel companies in September 201419

In 2011, Oxford City Council had reduced their carbon footprint by 25% against a baseline of 2005/6 and continues to reduce carbon emissions from its own estate by 5% year on year

In 2014, Oxford City Council was named 'Most Sustainable Local Authority' in the Public Sector Sustainability Awards

Oxford City Council leads the Low Carbon Oxford network - a collaboration of over 40 organisations working together to reduce emissions in the city by 40% by 2020

Oxford City Council also leads on delivering the annual Low Carbon Oxford Week festival, which uses culture, creativity and community to inspire local people to take action on climate change In 2015, the festival saw over 60 local organisations partner to deliver over 100 events across the city and attract over 40,000 visitors

See alsoedit

  • Oxford local elections
  • Oxford Town Hall


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  • Oxford City Council website

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