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Outline of Taiwan

pictures of taiwan natural beauty, pictures of taiwan cherry tree not in bloom
The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Taiwan:

Taiwan – state in East Asia, officially named the Republic of China ROC Originally based in mainland China, the ROC now governs the island of Taiwan, which makes up over 99% of its territory, as well as Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, and other minor islands Taipei is the seat of the central government Following the Chinese civil war, the Communist Party of China took full control of mainland China and founded the People's Republic of China PRC in 1949 The ROC relocated its government to Taiwan, and its jurisdiction became limited to Taiwan and its surrounding islands In 1971, the PRC assumed China's seat at the United Nations, which the ROC originally occupied During the latter half of the 20th century, Taiwan experienced rapid economic growth and industrialization and is now an advanced industrial economy In the 1980s and early 1990s, Taiwan evolved into a multi-party democracy with universal suffrage Taiwan is one of the Four Asian Tigers and a member of the WTO and APEC The 19th-largest economy in the world,12 its high-tech industry plays a key role in the global economy


  • 1 General reference
  • 2 Geography of Taiwan
    • 21 Environment of Taiwan
      • 211 Geographic features of Taiwan
    • 22 Regions of Taiwan
      • 221 Ecoregions of Taiwan
      • 222 Administrative divisions of Taiwan
    • 23 Demography of Taiwan
  • 3 Government and politics of Taiwan
    • 31 Elections in Taiwan
    • 32 Taiwan policy and ideology
    • 33 Political parties
      • 331 Nationally represented parties
      • 332 Other parties
    • 34 Branches of government
      • 341 Leadership
      • 342 Executive Yuan
      • 343 Legislative Yuan
      • 344 Judicial Yuan
      • 345 Examination Yuan
      • 346 Control Yuan
    • 35 Foreign relations of Taiwan
      • 351 International organization membership
    • 36 Law and order
    • 37 Political/legal status of Taiwan
    • 38 Legal documentation of Taiwan status
    • 39 Military
    • 310 Politicians
  • 4 History of Taiwan
    • 41 By period
      • 411 Mainland before 1949
      • 412 Taiwan
    • 42 By region
    • 43 By subject
      • 431 Historical figures
  • 5 Culture of Taiwan
    • 51 Arts in Taiwan
    • 52 Mass media of Taiwan
    • 53 Museums in Taiwan
    • 54 Religion in Taiwan
    • 55 Sports in Taiwan
  • 6 Economy and infrastructure of Taiwan
  • 7 Education and research in Taiwan
    • 71 Research institutes
    • 72 Nobel laureates
  • 8 See also
  • 9 References
  • 10 External links

General referenceedit

  • Pronunciation: /ˈtaɪˈwɑːn/
    • Mandarin: tʰai˧˥u̯an˥˥
    • Southern Min: tai˨˦wan˧˧
  • Common English state names: Taiwan; archaic Formosa
  • Official English state names: Republic of China
  • Common endonyms: 臺灣 / 台灣 Táiwān; Tâi-oân
  • Official endonyms: 臺灣 / 台灣 – 中華民國 Zhōnghuá Mínguó; Tiong-hôa Bîn-kok
  • Adjectivals: Taiwanese disambiguation
  • Demonyms: Taiwanese
  • Etymology: Names of Taiwan
  • International rankings of Taiwan
  • ISO country codes: TW, TWN, 158
  • ISO region codes: See ISO 3166-2:TW
  • Internet country code top-level domain: tw

Geography of Taiwanedit

Main article: Geography of Taiwan
  • Taiwan is:
    • a common name used for the Republic of China since the 1970s, to avoid confusion with the People's Republic of China commonly known as China
    • also the name of the Island of Taiwan Formosa
  • Location:
    • Northern Hemisphere and Eastern Hemisphere
    • Eurasia but not on the mainland
      • Asia
        • East Asia
    • Pacific Ocean
      • East China Sea
      • Philippine Sea
        • Bashi Channel
      • South China Sea
        • Taiwan Strait
    • Time zone: National Standard Time UTC+08:00
    • Extreme points of Taiwan
      • High: Yushan 3,952 m 12,966 ft
      • Low: Pacific Ocean 0 m
    • Land boundaries: none
    • Coastline: 1,566 km
  • Population of Taiwan: 23,503,349 people May 2016 estimate - 53th most populous country
  • Area of Taiwan: 36,193 km2 13,974 sq mi - 134th largest country
  • Atlas of Taiwan

Environment of Taiwanedit

Satellite photograph of Taiwan taken by MODIS aboard NASA's Terra satellite Yehliu is a peninsula on the north coast of Taiwan, famous for the curious shapes carved along its shoreline by sea erosion Sun Moon Lake Formosan rock macaques, an endemic species of Taiwan
  • Climate of Taiwan
  • Geology of Taiwan
  • National parks in Taiwan
  • Wildlife of Taiwan
    • Endemic species of Taiwan
    • Fauna of Taiwan
      • Birds of Taiwan
      • Mammals of Taiwan
        • Formosan rock macaque
    • Flora of Taiwan

Geographic features of Taiwanedit

  • Hot springs in Taiwan - Taiwan has one of the highest concentrations of hot springs in the World
  • Islands of Taiwan
    • Taiwan
  • Mountains in Taiwan
    • Volcanoes in Taiwan
  • Rivers in Taiwan
  • Taiwan Strait
  • World Heritage Sites in Taiwan: None

Regions of Taiwanedit

Main article: Regions of Taiwan
  • Alishan National Scenic Area
  • Metropolitan areas in Taiwan

Ecoregions of Taiwanedit

  • South Taiwan monsoon rain forests
  • Taiwan subtropical evergreen forests

Administrative divisions of Taiwanedit

Taipei Neihu Technology Park A paifang in Zhongxing New Village Zhongxing New Village is the capital of the Taiwan Province East Gate of Hsinchu City Fengyuan Station is a train station of Taichung Line, part of Taiwan's Western main rail line It's the main station of Fengyuan District, Taichung City Main articles: Administrative divisions of Taiwan and List of administrative divisions of Taiwan
  • Administrative division types
    • Special municipalities 6 and Provincial cities 3
      • Districts 170
    • Counties 13
      • County-controlled cities 14 and Townships 184
  • Six special municipalities: Kaohsiung, New Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Taipei, and Taoyuan
  • Three provincial cities: Chiayi, Hsinchu, Keelung
  • 13 counties: Changhua, Chiayi, Hsinchu, Hualien, Kinmen, Lienchiang, Miaoli, Nantou, Penghu, Pingtung, Taitung, Yilan and Yunlin
  • List of cities in Taiwan

Demography of Taiwanedit

Main article: Demographics of Taiwan

Government and politics of Taiwanedit

Main articles: Government of the Republic of China and Politics of the Republic of China
  • Form of government: semi-presidential representative democratic republic
  • Capital of the Republic of China: Taipei

Elections in Taiwanedit

Main article: Elections in Taiwan
  • Presidential elections in Taiwan
    • 1996 - 2000 - 2004 - 2008 - 2012 - 2016
  • Legislative elections in Taiwan
    • Legislative Yuan: 1969 - 1972 - 1975 - 1980 - 1983 - 1986 - 1989 - 1992 - 1995 - 1998 - 2001 - 2004 - 2008 - 2012 - 2016
    • National Assembly: 1969 - 1972 - 1980 - 1986 - 1991 - 1996 - 2005 defunct
  • Referendums in Taiwan

Taiwan policy and ideologyedit

  • Taiwanization and Desinicization
    • Taiwanese nationalism
    • Tangwai
    • Taiwan independence movement
    • Formosan League for Reemancipation
  • Sinicization
    • Chinese nationalism
    • Three Principles of the People
    • Chinese unification
  • Iron rice bowl
  • Iron vote
  • Irredentism
  • 228 Hand-in-Hand Rally

Political partiesedit

Main article: List of political parties in Taiwan

Nationally represented partiesedit

  • Democratic Progressive Party
  • Kuomintang
  • New Power Party
  • People First Party Taiwan
  • Non-Partisan Solidarity Union

Other partiesedit

  • Civil Party Taiwan
  • Green Party Taiwan
  • Minkuotang
  • Natural Law Party
  • New Party Taiwan
  • Peasant Party Taiwan
  • Taiwan Independence Party
  • Taiwan Solidarity Union
  • Trees Party

Branches of governmentedit

Main article: Government of the Republic of China

The government of the Republic of China has five branches, called "yuan"


Tsai Ing-wen, President of the Republic of China Main articles: President of the Republic of China and Vice President of the Republic of China
  • Head of state: President, Tsai Ing-wen
    • Vice President: Chen Chien-jen

Executive Yuanedit

Main article: Executive Yuan
  • Head of government: Premier of the Republic of China, Lin Chuan
  • The Cabinet Executive Yuan
    • Ministry of the Interior
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Ministry of National Defense
    • Ministry of Finance
    • Ministry of Education
    • Ministry of Justice
    • Ministry of Economic Affairs
    • Ministry of Transportation and Communications
    • Ministry of Health and Welfare
    • Ministry of Culture
    • Ministry of Labor
    • Ministry of Science and Technology

Legislative Yuanedit

Main article: Legislative Yuan
  • Legislative Yuan is a unicameral parliament

Judicial Yuanedit

Main articles: Judicial Yuan and Law of the Republic of China
  • Supreme Court of the Republic of China

Examination Yuanedit

Main article: Examination Yuan

Control Yuanedit

Main article: Control Yuan

Foreign relations of Taiwanedit

Main articles: Foreign relations of Taiwan and Political status of Taiwan
  • Cross-Strait relations
    • Chinese reunification
    • Chinese Taipei
    • One Country on Each Side
  • Diplomatic missions of Taiwan
  • Four Noes and One Without
  • Four-Stage Theory of the Republic of China
  • Free Area of the Republic of China
  • ISO 3166-2:TW
  • List of Chinese Taipei Representatives to APEC
  • Political status of Taiwan
  • Sino-Pacific relations
  • Taiwan independence movement
  • Taiwan passport
  • Taiwan-United States relations
    • American Institute in Taiwan
    • Six Assurances
    • Taiwan Relations Act
  • Visa policy of Taiwan

International organization membershipedit

The Republic of China is a member of:

  • Asian Development Bank ADB as Chinese Taipei
  • Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation APEC as Chinese Taipei
  • Central American Bank for Economic Integration BCIE
  • International Chamber of Commerce ICC as Chinese Taipei
  • International Olympic Committee IOC as Chinese Taipei
  • International Trade Union Confederation ITUC as Chinese Taipei
  • World Confederation of Labour WCL
  • World Federation of Trade Unions WFTU
  • World Trade Organization WTO as Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu, "Chinese Taipei"

The Republic of China is excluded from:

  • United Nations
    • The Republic of China was a founding member of the UN, but was expelled in 1971 in favor of the PRC, through UNGA Resolution 2758
    • On 23 July 2007, the Republic of China's 15th request to join the UN was rejected3

Law and orderedit

Main article: Law of the Republic of China
  • Capital punishment in Taiwan
  • Constitution of the Republic of China
  • Corporal punishment in Taiwan
  • Human rights in Taiwan
    • LGBT rights in Taiwan
    • Freedom of religion in Taiwan
  • Identification in Taiwan
  • Law enforcement in Taiwan
    • Coast Guard Administration
    • National Police Agency

Political/legal status of Taiwanedit

  • Chinese reunification
  • Political status of Taiwan
  • Taiwan cession
  • Taiwan independence

Legal documentation of Taiwan statusedit

  • Treaty of Shimonoseki
  • Cairo Conference
  • Potsdam Declaration
  • Treaty of Peace with Japan
  • Treaty of Taipei
  • General Order No 1
  • Japanese Instrument of Surrender
  • Charter of the United Nations
  • Yalta Conference
  • Shanghai Communique


ROC Navy Kang Ding-class Lafayette-class frigate with S-70C helicopter Main article: Republic of China Armed Forces
  • Command
    • Commander-in-chief: Tsai Ing-wen
      • Ministry of National Defense
  • Conscription in Taiwan
  • Forces
    • Republic of China Army
    • Republic of China Navy
      • Republic of China Marine Corps
    • Republic of China Air Force
    • Republic of China Military Police
  • Military ranks of the Republic of China


  • Annette Lu
  • John Chang
  • Morris Chang
  • Chen Shui-bian
  • Chiang Ching-kuo
  • Chiang Kai-shek
  • Chu Mei-feng
  • Frank Hsieh
  • Evonne Hsu
  • Katsura Taro
  • Lee Teng-hui
  • Lee Yuan-tseh
  • Li Ao
  • Lien Chan
  • Ma Ying-jeou
  • Pai Hsien-yung
  • Peng Ming-min
  • James Soong
  • Sisy Chen
  • Soong Mei-ling
  • Su Tseng-chang
  • Wang Jin-pyng
  • Wang Yung-ching
  • Yen Chia-kan
  • Yu Shyi-kun

History of Taiwanedit

Main articles: History of Taiwan and History of the Republic of China See also: History of China and Timeline of the history of China
  • Archaeological sites
  • February 28 Incident
  • 32 Demands
  • Kaohsiung Incident
  • Koxinga
  • Timeline of Taiwanese history
    • Timeline of diplomatic relations of Taiwan

By periodedit

Mainland before 1949edit

  • Economic history of China
  • Military history of China pre-1911
  • List of earthquakes in China


  • Prehistory    50000 BCE – 1540 CE
  • Kingdom of Middag    1540–1732
  • European Taiwan    1624–1662
  • Kingdom of Tungning    1662–1683
  • Qing Taiwan    1683–1895
  • Republic of Taiwan    1895
  • Japanese Taiwan    1895–1945
  • Taiwanese Communist Party
  • Post-War Taiwan    1945–present
  • March 19, 2004 assassination attempt in Taiwan

By regionedit

  • History of Kaohsiung
  • History of Taipei

By subjectedit

  • Cultural history
  • Economic history
  • Educational history
  • Military history of Taiwan
    • Quemoy Battles
    • First Taiwan Strait Crisis
    • Second Taiwan Strait Crisis
    • Third Taiwan Strait Crisis
    • Civil Air Transport
  • Political history

Historical figuresedit

  • Rulers of Taiwan
  • Thomas Barclay missionary
  • George Leslie Mackay
  • James Laidlaw Maxwell

Culture of Taiwanedit

Shilin Night Market, Shilin, Taipei, Taiwan Taiwan Pride 2005, a gay pride parade on Zhongxiao East Road in Taipei Main article: Culture of Taiwan
  • Architecture of Taiwan
    • Taipei 101
    • Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
    • Chung-Shan Building
  • Festivals in Taiwan
  • Public holidays in Taiwan
  • Languages of Taiwan
    • Taiwanese Mandarin
    • Taiwanese Hokkien
    • Taiwanese Hakka
    • Formosan languages
  • Media in Taiwan
  • Museums in Taiwan
  • National symbols of the Republic of China
    • Coat of arms of the Republic of China
    • Flag of the Republic of China
    • National anthem of the Republic of China
  • Night markets in Taiwan
  • People of Taiwan
    • Han Taiwanese
    • Ethnic minorities in Taiwan
      • Taiwanese aborigines
    • Taiwanese American
    • Notable Taiwanese individuals
      • Alec Su
      • Jay Chou
      • Jolin Tsai
      • Show Luo
      • SHE
      • Wang Hsing-ching
      • A-mei
      • Teresa Teng
      • Takeshi Kaneshiro
    • Mainland Chinese
  • Prostitution in Taiwan
  • Scenic areas in Taiwan
    • Jiufen
    • Cihu Mausoleum
    • Wuzhi Mountain Military Cemetery
    • Yangmingshan
  • Taiwanese cuisine
    • Suncake
    • Taiwan Beer
  • Taiwanese identity
  • Tea culture of Taiwan
  • World Heritage Sites in Taiwan: None

Arts in Taiwanedit

  • Art in Taiwan
  • Cinema of Taiwan
    • Crystal Boys
    • "Cape No 7"
  • Dance in Taiwan
    • Cloud Gate Dance Theatre
  • Literature of Taiwan
    • Taiwanese literature movement
    • Formosa Magazine
  • Music of Taiwan
    • Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Song
    • Opera of Taiwan
  • Photography in Taiwan
  • Television in Taiwan
    • Taiwanese drama

Mass media of Taiwanedit

  • Media of Taiwan
  • International Community Radio Taipei
  • The China Post
  • Taipei Times
  • Taiwan News
  • Public Television Service
  • TVBS

Museums in Taiwanedit

  • National Palace Museum
  • Taipei Fine Arts Museum
  • National Museum of History
  • Museum of World Religions
  • New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum
  • Tamkang University Maritime Museum
  • Taiwan Nougat Museum
  • Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines
  • Pinglin Tea Industry Museum
  • National Taiwan Museum
  • Republic of China Armed Forces Museum
  • Miniatures Museum of Taiwan

Religion in Taiwanedit

  • Religion in Taiwan
    • Buddhism in Taiwan
      • Longshan Temple disambiguation
    • Christianity in Taiwan
      • Catholic Church in Taiwan
      • Presbyterian Church in Taiwan
    • Islam in Taiwan
    • Judaism in Taiwan

Sports in Taiwanedit

Main article: Sports in Taiwan
  • Professional baseball in Taiwan - Baseball is the most popular sport in Taiwan
    • Chinese Professional Baseball League
  • Super Basketball League

Economy and infrastructure of Taiwanedit

Taipei is the Republic of China's capital city and financial center Taipei 101 was the world's tallest building from 2004 to 2010, but now ranks third KwanDu Bridge, Taipei Main article: Economy of Taiwan
  • Economic rank, by nominal GDP 2007: 24th twenty-fourth
  • Agriculture in Taiwan
  • Banking in Taiwan
    • Central Bank of the Republic of China Taiwan
  • Communications in Taiwan
    • Internet in Taiwan
  • Companies of Taiwan
  • Currency of Taiwan: dollar
    • ISO 4217: TWD
  • Economic history of Taiwan
  • Energy in Taiwan
    • Energy policy of Taiwan
    • Nuclear power in Taiwan
  • Four Asian Tigers
  • Health care in Taiwan
  • Iron rice bowl
  • Taiwan Miracle
  • Taiwan Stock Exchange
    • Taiwan Capitalization Weighted Stock Index
  • Tourism in Taiwan
  • Transportation in Taiwan
    • Air transport in Taiwan
      • Airports in Taiwan
      • China Airlines
    • Rail transport in Taiwan
      • Taiwan High Speed Rail
      • Taiwan Railway Administration
    • Highway system in Taiwan

Education and research in Taiwanedit

  • History of education in Taiwan
  • National Taiwan University
  • List of universities in Taiwan
  • Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association
  • Taiwan ROCSAUT
  • Taiwan studies

Research institutesedit

  • Academia Sinica
  • Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology
  • Industrial Technology Research Institute
  • National Health Research Institutes
  • National Space Organization

Nobel laureatesedit

  • Yuan T Lee

See alsoedit

  • Taiwan portal
  • Asia portal
Main article: Taiwan
  • Index of Taiwan-related articles
  • List of international rankings
  • Outline of Asia
  • Outline of geography


  1. ^ CIA World Factbook- GDP PPP
  2. ^ Chan, Rachel 17 June 2009 "Taiwan needs to boost public awareness on climate change: EU envoy" China Post Retrieved 22 July 2009 
  3. ^ Newsbbccouk 2007

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