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Otto Vellingk

otto vellingkantje, otto vellingkantblokken
Count Otto Ottoson Vellingk 1649, Jama, Swedish Ingria - 1708 was a Swedish general during the Great Northern War


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He was born in 1649 to Otto Gotthardsson Vellingk and Christina Nilsdotter Mannersköld, and had a brother, Mauritz Wellingk He was promoted to general in 1698

He participated in key battles of Great Northern War including: the Battle of Narva in 1700, and the Crossing of Daugava near Riga in 1701 He participated in the Battle of Klissow on 9 July 1702 He was in the Battle of Punitz on 28 October 1704

He was made a royal advisor in 1705, and ennobled as a count in 1706


  1. ^ Robert Nisbet Bain Charles XII and the collapse of the Swedish empire, 1682-1719 who commanded the Swedish right, was mortally wounded, and his place was taken by General Otto Vellingk The magnificently attired and excellently mounted Polish cavalry charged the Swedes in gallant style, but were met not only by  

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  • The Battle of Klezow or Klissow 9 July 1702

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  • Great Northern War

otto velingkar, otto vellingkant, otto vellingkantblokken, otto vellingkantje

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