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Otto Kahler

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Otto Kahler January 8, 1849 – January 24, 1893 was an Austrian physician and pathologist born in Prague

In 1871 he obtained his medical doctorate in Prague, and following an educational trip to Paris, returned to his hometown as an assistant to Joseph Halla 1814–1887 at the internal clinic In 1882 he became an associate professor at Karl-Ferdinands-Universität, and a few years later 1886, was a "full professor" of pathology and therapy In 1889 he relocated to the University of Vienna, succeeding Heinrich von Bamberger 1822–1888 as professor of special pathology After a year in Vienna, he developed tongue cancer and his assistant, Friedrich Kraus 1858–1936, subsequently took over his lectures Kahler died in Vienna in 1893

He is best known for describing multiple myeloma, a hematological malignancy, which is called "Kahler's disease" in his honor in several countries Additionally, he made various important discoveries in the field of neurology, such as describing syringomyelia, and the arrangement of the posterior columns in the spinal cord the Kahler–Pick law, with Arnold Pick

Written worksedit

  • Beiträge zur Pathologie und pathologischen Anatomie des Centralnervensystems with Arnold Pick, 1879 Contributions to the pathology and pathological anatomy of the central nervous system
  • Ueber die Diagnose der Syringomyelie Prager medicinische Wochenshrift, Prague, 1889, 13: 45, 63 On diagnosis of syringomyelia
  • Zur Symptomatologie des multiplen Myeloms Beobachtung von Albumosurie Prager medicinische Wochenshrift, Prague, 1889, 14: 33-35, 44-49 Symptomatology of multiple myeloma


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