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On Unix-like systems, OpenRC is a dependency-based init system that works with the system-provided init program, normally /sbin/init; however, it is not a replacement for /sbin/init

OpenRC is the default init system of Gentoo, Alpine Linux and other Linux distributions, which means that the software packages and daemons of those distributions support it, coming with or using the available scripts Next to Linux OpenRC can also be used on different BSD systems Its creator is a NetBSD developer, who started the Gentoo/FreeBSD project TrueOS, a FreeBSD based system is also using OpenRC as its default in its default configuration3

OpenRC provides the following features:

  • Portable to non-Linux
  • Parallel service startup optional, in development4
  • Dependency based boot-up
  • Process segregation through cgroups
  • Per-service resource limits ulimit
  • Separation of code and configuration initd / confd
  • Easily extensible startup scripts customizable by users
  • Ability to include an unlimited variety of commands beyond basic "start, stop, and status"
  • Stateful init scripts is it started already
  • Complex init scripts to start multiple components Samba smbd and nmbd, NFS nfsd, portmap, etc
  • Automatic dependency calculation and service ordering
  • Proper integration into container/virtualization Linux-VServer, OpenVZ, etc5
  • Proper modular architecture and separation of optional components Cron, syslog
  • Expressive and flexible network handling including VPN, bridges, etc
  • Support for bare-metal bare-dependency servers67
  • Verbose debug mode


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External linksedit

  • Official website
  • OpenRC git repositories at gentooorg and GitHub
  • Init systems comparison: part 1 and part 2 LWNnet

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