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Omi Minami

omi minami kojima, omi minami takahashi
Omi Minami 南 央美, Minami Omi, born July 13, 1968 is a Japanese voice actress She is mostly known for her work in anime and video game roles, with starring roles as Hyatt in Excel Saga, Ruri Hoshino in Martian Successor Nadesico, Majic in Orphen, as well as Takuro in Di Gi Charat and Fan Xinglou in The Asterisk War


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  • Akiru Yuuki Fancy Lala


  • Miko Mido in La Blue Girl


  • Shimajirō Shimano Shima Shima Tora no Shimajirō


  • Lucim Mahoujin Guru Guru


  • Naozumi Kamura Kodomo no Omocha
  • Ruri Hoshino Martian Successor Nadesico


  • Akira CLAMP School Detectives


  • Majic Lin Sorcerous Stabber Orphen
  • Akane, Nikorinbou Ojarumaru


  • Pat Campbell Infinite Ryvius
  • Hyatt Excel Saga
  • Minagawa Takurou Di Gi Charat


  • Cyberdoll Kei Hand Maid May


  • Shii Aasu Puni Puni Poemy
  • Miho Umeda I My Me! Strawberry Eggs!
  • Megumi Hanajima Fruits Basket


  • Saloma RockManEXE MegaMan NT Warrior
  • Rika Tokino UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie
  • Dvergr Kiddy Grade


  • Hel Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok


  • Ein Phantom - The Animation
  • Mika Suzuki Sensei no Ojikan
  • Dino Sparks Legendz


  • Nina Hell Girl


  • Kotarou Mochizuki and Alice Eve Black Blood Brothers
  • Hänsel/Gretel Black Lagoon
  • Mori Madoka Ghost Hunt
  • Euphemia Li Britannia Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion


  • Tama Gintama


  • Fan Xinglou The Asterisk War

Unknown Date

  • Doorknobder S - 109 and Nanako SuperS - 152 Sailor Moon
  • Ratchet and Additional Voices Widget
  • Suzu Suite PreCure♪ The Movie: Take it Back! The Miraculous Melody that Connects Hearts

Video gamesedit

  • Kakurine Evil Zone aka Eretzvaju
  • Mag Launcher Evolution 2 Japanese
  • Meredy Tales of Eternia1
  • Meril Odin Sphere
  • Monika Allenford Growlanser III: The Dual Darkness
  • Satsuki Yumizuka Melty Blood
  • Ruri Hoshino Another Century's Episode 3
  • Tamami Konno Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side
  • Xiaomu Namco × Capcom, Mugen no Frontier: Super Robot Wars OG Saga, Mugen no Frontier EXCEED: Super Robot Wars OG Saga, Project X Zone, Project X Zone 2
  • Ein/Elen Azuma Phantom of Inferno
  • Emirio Stanbelk Shikigami no Shiro
  • Pipotchi Ape Escape 2


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External linksedit

  • Official agency profile Japanese
  • Omi Minami at Anime News Network's encyclopedia

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