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Old Hokie

old hokie cheer, old hokie chant
Old Hokie is a spirited cheer, often used by fans of Virginia Tech's athletic teams It was coined by Oscar M Stull Class of 1896 in a winning student body contest entry to mark the changing of the university's name from Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College VAMC to Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Agricultural and Mechanical College VPI in 1896 According to Stull, "Hokie" is a nonsensical word he made up purely as an attention-getter

In Stull's original version of Old Hokie, several words were spelled differently including "Hokie" itself The current version adds the 'e' to Hokie and also adds "Team! Team! Team!" After chanting the last line, students hold one hand against a fist with an outward facing thumb to symbolize a turkey and wiggle their fingers

One person shouts, "ONE, TWO! ONE, TWO!"
Hokie Hokie Hokie Hy
Tech Tech VPI!
Solah-Rex, Solah-Rah
Polytech Vir-gin-ia
Ray Rah VPI
Team! Team! Team!
<gobble noises>

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