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Northwest Asian Weekly

northwest asian weekly, northwest asian weekly newspaper
The Northwest Asian Weekly is a weekly Asian American newspaper based in Seattle, Washington's International District Distributed for free, it was founded in 1982 by Assunta Ng, founder of the Seattle Chinese Post1 It has a circulation of 16,000citation needed

Locations and Distributionsedit

Northwest Asian Weekly's print version is widely distributed in Seattle It is also available in many of the major King County and public libraries throughout Washington Some of the distribution sites outside the International District are:1

  • Beacon Hill: New Beacon Market, Red Apple, Salon Nouveau, South China Restaurant
  • Capitol Hill: Seattle Central Community College
  • Rainier Valley: Jumbo Restaurant, Pho, Pho Van, Saigon Dynasty Restaurant
  • University District: University Book Store, Noble Palace Restaurant
  • West Seattle: Bank of America, South Seattle Community College
  • Eastside: Bellevue College, East Ocean Restaurant, Ming Place Restaurant, Noble Court Restaurant, Mercer Island Park & Ride, South Bellevue Park & Ride, Tokyo Restaurant, Tower Books, Uwajimaya
  • Renton: Foody Goody Restaurant, Great Wall Mall Ranch 99, Greenery Restaurant
  • Snohomish County: Cascadia College, Edmonds Ranch 99


  1. ^ a b "About Us" Northwest Asian Weekly Retrieved February 24, 2014 

External linksedit

  • Seattle portal
  • Journalism portal
  • Asian Americans portal
  • Official website

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