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Nordea Tour

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The Nordea Tour formerly the SAS Masters Tour and Telia Tour is a domestic professional golf tour operated by the Swedish Golf Association There are separate tours for men and women The tour is designed to help Swedish golfers to reach the standard of play needed to qualify for the European Tour, Challenge Tour, or Ladies European Tour LET


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Men's Nordea Touredit

Most men's Nordea Tour events are included in the Nordic Golf League, which is one of four European Tour-recognised third-tier tours, and is run in collaboration by the national golf associations of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden Beginning in July 2015, the four third-level tours carry Official World Golf Ranking points1

Women's Nordea Touredit

In 2005 the women's tour became the first official feeder tour for the LET, with the two leading non-exempt players from the ranking gaining LET cards for the following season, and the remainder of the top ten exempted into the final stage of the LET Qualifying School2 In 2012, the tour was replaced as the LET's feeder tour by the newly created LET Access Series, which includes events from the Nordea Tour as well as other regional tours in Europe

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  • List of sporting events in Sweden


  1. ^ "OWGR Board Announce Inclusion of New Tours" OWGR 15 July 2015 
  2. ^ Telia Tour becomes an Official Feeder Tour to LET, ladieseuropeantourcom, 19 May 2005 Archived October 25, 2006, at the Wayback Machine

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  • Information in English

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