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Nokia X

nokia x6, nokia x5
Nokia X platform Modified Android Jelly Bean 4123

  • Multi-touch capacitive touchscreen display, up to 2 fingers
System on chip Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Play MSM8225 CPU 10 GHz dual-core GPU Adreno 203 Memory 512 MB RAM 768 MB in Nokia X+ and XL Storage 4 GB Removable storage microSD up to 32 GB Battery Li-ion 1500 mAh Display 40 in 10 cm
800×480 px IPS WVGA 233 PPI Rear camera 3 MP fixed focus Connectivity
  • Bluetooth 30 + HS
  • micro-USB 20
  • Wi-Fi 80211b/g/n

The Nokia X was a mid-tier smartphone announced as part of the Nokia X family in February 2014, running on the Nokia X platform The device shipped on the same day as the unveiling, with Nokia targeting the product for emerging markets It is currently sold and maintained by Microsoft Mobile On 17 July 2014, Microsoft announced that it would discontinue the line,4 but would revive its model number as a new Lumia product to be announced at MWC 2015citation needed

The X was previously under development known as Normandy,5 Project N,6 the Asha on Linux project7 and MView8


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Stephen Elop unveiling the phone at MWC 2014 Home screen

The phone was unveiled by Stephen Elop at the 2014 Mobile World Congress, Barcelonawhen Contrary to previous leaks, two variants, Nokia X9 and Nokia X+10 were released, with the Nokia X+ having 768 MB of RAM, as opposed to 512 MB of RAM, as well as with a microSD card included in the box11

A third phone, the Nokia XL, was announced, with a larger screen, front-facing camera, rear flash, and longer battery runtime12

Very soon after release, a developer had rooted the device, and enabled the installation of Google's apps and services13


The Nokia X was heavily criticized for not having a home button, but the error is being fixed in the next Nokia X phones14 The newly introduced Nokia X2 had fixed this


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