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Noddy (TV series)

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Noddy, also known as The Noddy Shop or Noddy in Toyland in the United Kingdom and Australia, is a Canadian children's television series based on Enid Blyton's children's book series of the same name with stop motion sequences from Noddy's Toyland Adventures that aired from August 31, 1998 to February 16, 2000 on PBS Following its cancellation, reruns were aired until September 13, 2002 The series was produced by BBC Worldwide, Catalyst Entertainment and Enid Blyton Ltd

The show starred Sean McCann as Noah Tomten, a former old salt, who now runs an antique shop, the NODDY Shop this stood for, "Notions, Oddities, Doodads and Delights of Yesterday" His catchphrases included "What in tarnation!" and "Great Neptune's Ghost!", usually whenever he was excited about something It also starred Jayne Eastwood as his scatter brained sister, Agatha Flugelschmidt, who runs a hat shop next door to the Noddy shop One of her catchphrases included "Oh, pish posh!", usually whenever she disagreed with something that someone else said

The stories in The Noddy Shop mainly centred on three children, Noah's grandchildren, Kate and Truman, and a friend of Kate's named Daniel Johnson, shortened to DJ, who came to play at the shop, and were collected by their unseen parents at the end of the day, implying the episodes were set after school, during school holidays or at weekends

Most episodes had a moral message, which was conveyed with a Noddy story, usually told by Kate using the Noddy dolls in the shop, which the viewer saw as recycled animation from earlier Noddy cartoons The moral message was also a theme in a song sung by the shop's population of anthropomorphic toys There was sometimes a second song, usually a re enactment of a popular folk tale


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  • 2 Cast
  • 3 Puppeteers
  • 4 Episodes
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    • 42 Christmas special
    • 43 Season 2
  • 5 International success
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Toys and antiques

  • Warloworth Q Weasel, usually shortened to "Warlow", is a malicious weasel in a bowler hat who resides in a Jack-in-the-box and always plays tricks on the other toys, but usually gets his comeuppance voiced by Frank Meschkuleit
  • Bonita Flamingo – A bright orange plush flamingo dressed in a similar manner to Carmen Miranda voiced by Frank Meschkuleit
  • Johnny Crawfish – A crawfish who tells a lot of jokes and resides in a fish tank, and sometimes plays rock and roll songs on the piano He is inspired by Johnny Carson voiced by James Rankin
  • Noddy – The central character of the animated segments During the live action segments in Season 2, he is mostly still, but occasionally wanders around and talks to Truman voiced by Catherine Disher
  • Big Ears – Noddy's good friend in the animated segments Unlike Noddy, he never moves or talks at all during the live action segments voiced by Benedict Campbell
  • Sherman – A clockwork turtle with wheels like a tank, who wears an army helmet voiced by James Rankin
  • Rusty – A toy clown who is good friends with Sherman, and always rides on his back voiced by Matt Ficner
  • Planet Pup – A small robotic dog, supposedly from outer space voiced by James Rankin
  • Lichtenstein – A beer tankard shaped like a Viking's head, usually referred to simply as "Stein" He doesn't speak much, but could usually be seen singing along with the songs When he does speak, he has a noticeable German accent, and ended many of his sentences with "Ja" voiced by Matt Ficner
  • Island Princess – A wooden carving, rather like a ship's figurehead, in a traditional Hawaiian costume She sees everything that goes on in the shop voiced by Alyson Court
  • Gertie Gator – A plastic alligator who stands on two legs, wears a purple dress and carries a matching umbrella voiced by Taborah Johnson
  • Granny Duck – A wise plastic duck on wheels, who usually speaks in rhymes voiced by Noreen Young
  • The Do-Wop Penguins – Four penguins who never speak, only sing along with the Wax Lips, they often provide short interludes introducing the Noddy story, or a turning point in the action of the episode
  • Ruby Reds – A box of five fake lips who have no spoken dialogue, but sing in every episode
  • Fred and Gingersnap – A French pig couple
  • Whiny and Whimper the Crybabies – Two babies, one male, one female – one is dressed in pink, the other in blue – in a cradle They often cry at any tense situation
  • Shorty Salt Shaker and Slim Pepper Shaker – Salt and pepper shakers shaped like cactuses voiced by Frank Meschkuleit and James Rankin
  • Gaylord Gumball – A wise gumball machine voiced by Frank Meschkuleit
  • Wind-up Teeth – A pair of wind up novelty teeth that chatters when excited or scared


  • Sean McCann as Noah Tomten
  • Katie Boland as Kate Tomten
  • Max Morrow as Truman Tomten
  • Kyle Kassardjian as Daniel "DJ" Johnson
  • Jayne Eastwood as Aunt Agatha Flugelschmidt
  • Dan Redican as Officer Carl Spiffy Season 1 various episodes
  • Neil Crone as Bud Topper Season 2 various episodes
  • Taborah Johnson as Miss Hilda Sweetly various episodes
  • Gina Sorell as April May McJune various episodes
  • Gerry Quigley as Davy Gladhand various episodes
  • Jim Calder as Lurk Goblin
  • Nikki Pascetta as Snipe Goblin
  • Gil Filar as Boobull Goblin


  • Matt Ficner also puppet builder
  • Frank Meschkuleit
  • James Rankin
  • Gord Robertson
  • Anthony Asbury
  • John Pattison
  • Noreen Young also puppet builder
  • Stephen Braithwaite


Season 1

NoNo in SeasonTitleNoddy EpisodePuppet SongFairytale SongWriterDirectorAirdateProd Code
11The Magic KeyNoddy and the Special KeyThe Day the Goblins Got Away
A What-If World
 Brian McConnachieWayne MossAugust 31, 1998#101K
22Monkey BusinessNoddy's New FriendToo Much Monkey Business Sean KellySteve WrightSeptember 1, 1998#102K
33Mixed Up MagicNoddy and Martha MonkeyA Whole Lot of HelpingOne Good TurnKate BarrisSteve WrightSeptember 2, 1998#103K
44Lost and FoundNoddy Tastes Some CakeLost and FoundBo Peep and the SheepKate BarrisWayne MossSeptember 3, 1998#104K
55Twinkle, Twinkle, Little GoblinsNoddy and the GoblinsCamping SongTwinkle, TwinkleSean KellySteve WrightSeptember 4, 1998#105K
66The Tooth FairyNoddy and His MoneyTooth Fairy Brian McConnachieWayne MossSeptember 7, 1998#106K
77Stop, Listen and LearnNoddy Lends a Hand The Magic Porridge PotJill GolickWayne MossSeptember 8, 1998#107K
88Making Up is Easy to DoNoddy and the Naughty TailI Like it That Way Jill GolickWayne MossSeptember 9, 1998#108K
99If at First You Don't SucceedNoddy Buys a ParasolOpera MedleyA Better WayEllis WeinerWayne MossSeptember 10, 1998#109K
1010The Birthday PartyNoddy Delivers Some ParcelsParty Time Ellis WeinerSteve WrightSeptember 11, 1998#110K
1111Telling TailsNoddy Finds a Furry TailThe Lion and the JackalFace the MusicJill GolickWayne MossSeptember 14, 1998#111K
1212It's About TimeNoddy and His Alarm ClockTell the TimeHickory Dickory DockSean KellySteve WrightSeptember 15, 1998#112K
1313A Promise is a PromiseNoddy Borrows an UmbrellaA Promise is a Promise Sean KellyWayne MossSeptember 16, 1998#113K
1414To the Rescue'Noddy Has a Bad DayThe ABCs of Fire Brian McConnachieWayne MossSeptember 17, 1998#114K
1515Chills and SpillsNoddy Sets a Trap Chicken Little BluesLawrence S MirkinSteve WrightSeptember 18, 1998#115K
1616The Big RaceNoddy the ChampionLet's Go RacingSlow and SteadyBrian McConnachieSteve WrightSeptember 19, 1998#116K
1717A Dog's Best FriendNoddy and the MilkmanPlanet Pup's Song Lawrence S MirkinSteve WrightSeptember 20, 1998#117K
1818Hooray for the KidsNoddy Cheers Up Big EarsMy Kind of Friends Sean KellySteve WrightSeptember 21, 1998#118K
1919The Mystery BoxNoddy Borrows Some TrousersWhat's in the Box Brian McConnachieWayne MossSeptember 22, 1998#119K
2020We All Say Boo!Noddy and the Magic NightI'm Not Scared Brian McConnachieWayne MossSeptember 23, 1998#120K
2121Try Something NewNoddy Gets a New Job Jack and JillLawrence S MirkinSteve WrightSeptember 26, 1998#121K
2222The Fish StoryNoddy and the Fishing RodI Can Do Better Than You Jill GolickWayne MossSeptember 27, 1998#122K
2323The Big FightNoddy and His BellThat's What Friends Do Best Ellis WeinerSteve WrightSeptember 28, 1998#123K
2424Following DirectionsNoddy Goes ShoppingBubble Trouble Ellis WeinerSteve WrightOctober 1, 1998#124K
2525Mixed Up MasksNoddy and the Missing Hats CoverupsSean KellySteve WrightOctober 2, 1998#125K
2626Truman, Come HomeNoddy to the Rescue Gingerbread ManKate BarrisWayne MossOctober 3, 1998#126K
2727Something's Lost, Something's FoundNoddy Loses SixpenceStep by Step Jill GolickWayne MossOctober 4, 1998#127K
2828The Magic ShowNoddy the MagicianEveryday Magic Brian McConnachieSteve WrightOctober 5, 1998#128K
2929The Big MessNoddy Meets Some Silly HensAnother Nice Mess Ellis WeinerSteve WrightOctober 8, 1998#129K
3030Recipe for LearningNoddy Loses His BellThe Burrito SongPeter Piper's PizzaEllis WeinerSteve WrightOctober 9, 1998#130K
3131Recycle and Reuse ItNoddy and the Useful RopeDo Something NewJack Be NimbleSean KellyWayne MossOctober 10, 1998#131K
3232Telling the Whole TruthNoddy and the Broken Bicycle Humpty DumptyLawrence S MirkinSteve WrightOctober 11, 1998#132K
3333Secret ValentinesNoddy the Dancer The Princess and the FrogKate BarrisWayne MossOctober 12, 1998#133K
3434Sing Yourself to SleepSong:Believe in Yourself
Song:The Friend You'll Find in Me
Party Time
Tell the Time
I'm Not Scared
My Kind of Friends
Sleepytime Lullaby
Country Mouse and City MouseRick SiggelkowSteve WrightOctober 15, 1998#134K
3535Treasure HuntNoddy and the Golden TreeFollow the Map Brian McConnachieWayne MossOctober 16, 1998#135K
3636Jack Frost is Coming to TownNoddy and the Warm Scarf Jack Frost is Back in TownSean KellyWayne MossOctober 17, 1998#136K
3737The Trouble with TrumanNoddy and His Unhappy CarReady to Rock 'n' Roll Jill GolickSteve WrightOctober 18, 1998#137K
3838Let's Go Fly a KiteNoddy and the KiteA Crazy Mixed Up Day Sean KellySteve WrightOctober 19, 1998#138K
3939Think BigNoddy and the Pouring RainSmallThink BigEllis WeinerWayne MossOctober 22, 1998#139K
4040Noah's LeavingNoddy Has an Afternoon OffThank You for Being You Brian McConnachieWayne MossOctober 23, 1998#140K

Christmas special

NoNo in SeasonTitleNoddy EpisodePuppet SongNoddy SongWriterDirectorAirdateProd Code
4141Anything Can Happen at ChristmasNoddy and Father ChristmasAnything Can Happen at Christmas
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Santa, King of Toyland
Christmas Never Ends
Brian McConnachieWayne MossDecember 6, 1998#141K

Season 2

NoNo in SeasonTitleNoddy EpisodePuppet SongFairytale SongWriterDirectorAirdateProd Code
421Little Swap of HorrorsNoddy and the Naughty TailGive Away
To the Rescue
 Ellis WeinerWayne MossSeptember 6, 1999#201
432Dance to Your Own MusicNoddy the DancerDance, Dance, Dance Lawrence S MirkinWayne MossSeptember 7, 1999#202
443Ask PermissionNoddy Sets a TrapFriendship IsAsk PermissionKate BarrisSteve WrightSeptember 8, 1999#203
454Take a StandNoddy Tastes Some CakeWarlow's Cake
Putting it Together
 Brian McConnachieWayne MossSeptember 9, 1999#204
465The Sandman ComethNoddy and the Magic WatchWhere Do You Go in Your Dreams Brian McConnachieSteve WrightSeptember 10, 1999#205
476Noah's TreasureNoddy and the Golden TreeThe Great Pig Chase
Money Isn't Everything
 Jill GolickWayne MossSeptember 13, 1999#206
487Be True to Who You AreNoddy's New FriendOur Club is Your Club
True to Who You Are
 Jill GolickWayne MossSeptember 14, 1999#207
498All Play and No WorkNoddy to the RescueUnfinished BusinessThe Little Red HenLawrence S MirkinSteve WrightSeptember 15, 1999#208
509April FoolsNoddy and His MoneyThe Laugh's On Me Ellis WeinerSteve WrightSeptember 16, 1999#209
5110Lights, Camera, ChaosNoddy and the Goblins
Series 4
That's Showbiz Sean KellySteve WrightSeptember 17, 1999#210
5211How RudeNoddy the MagicianRude and CrudeThe Girl with the CurlEllis WeinerWayne MossNovember 5, 1999#211
5312Part of the FamilyNoddy Cheers Up Big EarsSomeone to Be My Friend
Part of the Family
 Kate BarrisSteve WrightNovember 8, 1999#212
5413Big BulliesNoddy and the GoblinsGimme, Gimme, Gimme
What Goes Around
 Brian McConnachieSteve WrightNovember 9, 1999#213
5514Paying Attention to KateNoddy and the Noisy DrumBuddy, Can You Spare Some TimeHush Little BabyKate BarrisWayne MossNovember 10, 1999#214
5615SkunkedNoddy and the Singing BushStinky Boy Blues
It's You
 Ellis WeinerSteve WrightNovember 11, 1999#215
5716Thunder and LightningNoddy Gets Caught in a StormJust Around the CornerThree Men in a TubJill GolickSteve WrightJanuary 11, 2000#216
5817Going BananasNoddy Tidies ToylandNo Litter Island
Cleaning Machine
 Lawrence S MirkinWayne MossJanuary 12, 2000#217
5918SluggerNoddy and the Bouncing BallIt's How You Play the GameThe Oddball GameSean KellySteve WrightJanuary 13, 2000#218
6019Find Your Own SongSong:You've Got Talent
Song:Follow the Voice
My Own Song Sean KellySteve WrightJanuary 14, 2000#219
6120The Big ShowdownNoddy is Far Too BusyMarch of the ToysThe Smallest Show on EarthSean KellySteve WrightFebruary 8, 2000#220
6221Growing LiesNoddy Tells a StoryOne Lie Leads to Another Brian McConnachieWayne MossFebruary 9, 2000#221
6322The Human TouchNoddy and the ArtistsDisrupto Returns Sean KellyWayne MossFebruary 10, 2000#222
6423Be PatientNoddy and the Driving LessonHave a Little PatienceJohnny AppleseedEllis WeinerWayne MossFebruary 11, 2000#223
6524Kate Loves a ParadeNoddy the NurseOn the Day of the Parade Kate BarrisWayne MossFebruary 15, 2000#224
6625Closing Up ShopNoddy and the Treasure MapOne Goodbye at a Time
One Hello at a Time
 Brian McConnachieWayne MossFebruary 16, 2000#225

International success

The first season aired on CBBC in the UK from 1998 to 2000, and was shown in Australia, Malaysia and several countries in English This version utilized the original audio tracks for the animated segments The live action segments were unaltered The second season was never reversioned for the UK or Australia, but was dubbed for other countries The series was also dubbed for Poland, Israel, Mexico, Portugal and many other countries

VHS/DVD releases

VHS TitleRelease DateCountryFormatEpisodes
Noddy and FriendsJune 4, 1999 United Kingdom / AustraliaVHSThe Magic Key; A Dog's Best Friend; The Big Fight
Noddy's Magic VideoOctober 4, 1999 United KingdomVHSThe Magic Show, Telling The Whole Truth; Making Up Is Easy To Do
Stop, Listen and LearnOctober 29, 1999 United KingdomDVDThe Big Mess; Stop, Listen And Learn; The Trouble With Truman

External links

  • Noddy on IMDb


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