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Nikola Anastasov

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Nikola Stoyanov Anastasov Bulgarian: Никола Стоянов Анастасов; 22 April 1932 – 8 August 2016 was a Bulgarian actor


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Nikola Anastasov was born on 22 April 1932 in Sofia, Bulgaria He finished his education at the Krastyo Sarafov National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, in the class of Prof Philip Philipov He is married to Bulgarian singer Marya Koseva; they have two sons

He died on 8 August 2016 in Sofia, aged 84


Nikola Anastasov began performing in the theaters in Vratsa 1955–1956 and Varna 1956–1957 His first important role was in the comedy Когато розите танцува When The Rose Dances by Valeri Petrov His later well known roles include Trimata ot zapasa 1971, Osmiyat 1969 and Samo ti, sartze 1987


  • Последният рунд The last round - 1961 as Garo
  • Горещо пладне Hot Afternoon - 1965
  • По тротоара On the Sidewalk - 1967
  • С пагоните на дявола TV Series With the medals of the devil - as Zhano 1967]
  • Криворазбраната циливизация The Phoney Civilization TV Movie as Dimitraki - 1974
  • Неочаквана ваканция TV Series Unexpected vacation - 1981


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