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Ngaruroro River

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The Ngaruroro River is located in the eastern North Island of New Zealand It runs for a total of 164 kilometres southeast from the Kaweka Range, Kaimanawa Range and Ruahine Range and then east before emptying into Hawke Bay roughly halfway between the cities of Napier and Hastings, near the town of Clive drainage area 2,0001 square kilometres above Tutaekuri River confluence The river is mostly a single-thread channel down to Whanawhana 45 kilometers from the coast, flowing through a greywacke rock gorge Below Whanawhana, the river opens to wide braided channel2 The Ngaruroro shares a river mouth with the Tutaekuri, Clive River and Muddy Creek The meeting of these rivers forms the Waitangi Estuary3

The Ngaruroro is one of several rivers that helped form the alluvial Heretaunga Plains at the south end of the coast of Hawke Bay The course of the Ngaruroro has changed several times, originally flowing down what is now the Clive River It changed to much of its present course in 1867 during a major flood In 1969, the bottom 4 km of river was diverted more directly to the coast near Pakowhai Road in an effort to reduce flooding The Karamu and Clive remain as rivers, but drain a smaller catchment

About 40% of the catchment is pasture, and 55% native forest4

The upper-Ngaruroro drains the Kaweka Forest Park and it is used for trout fishing mostly rainbow,5 rafting, tramping and deer hunting

The Ngaruroro River recharges freshwater to the Heretaunga groundwater aquifer in the order of 4 cubic metres per second6 This aquifer feeds several streams in the area eg Raupare, Irongate, in addition to pumping that supports extensive orchards of the Heretaunga Plains Eventually the aquifer discharges to the sea in submarine springs some 20 km off the coast7

The meaning of Ngaruroro is obscure6


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Coordinates: 39°34′S 176°56′E / 39567°S 176933°E / -39567; 176933

ngaruroro river, ngaruroro river nz

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Ngaruroro River

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