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Newport Southbank Bridge

newport southbank bridge aka purple people bridge, newport southbank bridge
The Newport Southbank Bridge, popularly known as the Purple People Bridge, stretches 2,670 feet over the Ohio River, connecting Newport, Kentucky to downtown Cincinnati, Ohio


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The original bridge first opened on April 1, 1872, under the name Newport and Cincinnati Bridge, and was Cincinnati's first railroad bridge spanning the Ohio River1 The bridge piers were built with stone from Adams County, Ohio2 The present bridge opened in 1896 to streetcar, pedestrian and automobile traffic

In 1904, the bridge was renamed the L&N Louisville and Nashville Railroad Bridge, and this name remained until the bridge was rehabilitated and re-opened as a pedestrian-only bridge in May 2003

The bridge was closed to railroad traffic in 1987, and later closed to automobile traffic in October 2001 after years of neglect and deterioration

On April 17, 2001, the L&N Railroad Bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places

In late 2001, the city of Newport, Kentucky, and Southbank Partners, an economic development group, used $4 million in state funds to restore the bridge When it was time to decide on what color to paint it, a variety of options were explored Computer-generated images of the bridge were shown to participants in more than a dozen focus groups, all of whom picked the color purple as a top choice It was soon coined the "Purple People Bridge" by area residents

The bridge provides convenient access to the "Newport on the Levee" development in Newport, Kentucky, as well as Downtown Cincinnati

In 2006, it became possible for the public to cross the bridge via its superstructure wearing appropriate safety gear There are similar bridge climb experiences in Australia and New Zealand Citing lack of funds and low attendance, the Purple People Bridge Climb closed on May 23, 20073

The bridge remains open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic


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newport southbank bridge, newport southbank bridge a.k.a. purple people bridge, newport southbank bridge aka purple people bridge

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