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New American Gospel

new american gospel lamb of god album, new american gospel
New American Gospel is the second studio album by American metal band Lamb of God first if not including the album released as Burn the Priest It was released in 2000 through Prosthetic Records New American Gospel is also the first release with Willie Adler on guitar, who replaced Abe Spear[5][6]

Metal Blade Records reissued a remastered version of New American Gospel in 2006 with four bonus tracks[7] The remastered version contains a note on the inlay that explains that the sound of the album is less polished than their newer work, in part due to time constraints as well as heavy drinking It has sold over 100,000 copies in the United States[8]


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Professional ratings

Revolver magazine called New American Gospel one of the "69 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums of All Time"[11] NME said the album "harks back to the days when Slayer ruled the kingdom of metal with speedy riffs and nihilism", and described the sound as "ferocious"[10] Kerrang! said that New American Gospel "is dawn for the most brutally aggressive band since Pantera"[citation needed] CMJ described New American Gospel as "grindcore and death metal for the metalhead kids"[2] Exclaim! compared New American Gospel to bands such as Pantera and Meshuggah, noted its "truly killer snare drum sound", and described the album in general as "a thoroughly satisfying listen and an innovative, real, heavy and scary metal album"[9]

Track listing

All music is composed by Lamb of God

1"Black Label"4:52
2"A Warning"2:23
3"In the Absence of the Sacred"4:36
4"Letter to the Unborn"2:56
5"The Black Dahlia"3:19
6"Terror and Hubris in the House of Frank Pollard" lyrics: Steve Austin, Blythe5:37
7"The Subtle Arts of Murder and Persuasion"4:10
9"Confessional" lyrics: Mark Morton, Blythe4:01
Total length:41:32
2006 remastered re-release
11"Nippon" Japanese release track3:53
12"New Willenium" "The Black Dahlia" demo version3:06
13"Half-Lid" "A Warning" demo version2:28
14"Flux" "Pariah" demo version4:24
Total length:55:29


Credits taken from Lamb of God's official website[12]

Lamb of God

  • Randy Blythe – vocals
  • Mark Morton – lead guitar
  • Willie Adler – rhythm guitar
  • John Campbell – bass
  • Chris Adler – drums, percussion, production, mixing, analog editing

Additional personnel

  • Steve Austin – vocals on "Terror and Hubris in the House of Frank Pollard", production, mixing, engineering, analog editing, digital editing, mastering
  • Lamb of God – production, mixing
  • Dave Murello – digital editing
  • Ryan Smith – remastering at Sterling Sound


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