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Neo 1973

neo 1973 mustang, neo 1973 corvette
The Neo 1973 development code name GTA01 is an open source software and open source hardware smartphone developed by the Openmoko project to run the Openmoko Linux software platform, released 2007 The CAD files have been released in 2008 under a ShareAlike Creative Commons license,2 and the schematics are available for download from OpenMoko3 and Wikimedia Commons4 under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license


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The Neo 1973 was designed as open source hardware and it is mostly using hardware components with open source drivers,

The device is named after the first year of mobile telephone communication: the inventor of the mobile phone, Martin Cooper, made the first call in 1973 The phone released was inconsistently-named Neo 1973 or Neo19735

The Neo 1973 was sold from July 9, 2007 to February 2008 It was priced at US$300 for the basic model, or US$450 for a kit including more tools for hardware work

The initial releases of the Neo 1973 were hampered by supplier shortages, which forced the shipping date to slip, and hardware development difficulties exacerbated by the small size of the core team6

Furthermore, other platforms have been ported to the Neo 1973, including Qt Extended, Debian and Android

Release under Creative Commons licenseedit

Shortly before the shipping of the successor, the Neo Freerunner, the OpenMoko project released the CAD files, the schematics and other development resources of the Neo 1973 and Freerunner under a Creative Commons license, the CC BY-SA 30789

The Neo FreeRunner started shipping on June 24, 2008

See alsoedit

  • Neo FreeRunner
  • Greenphone


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  • Neo 1973 article on the OpenMoko wiki

neo 1973 camaro, neo 1973 corvette, neo 1973 dodge, neo 1973 mustang

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