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National Socialist Party

national socialist party, national socialist party definition
National Socialist Party or Nazi Party may refer to:

  • National Socialist German Workers' Party, more commonly known as the Nazi Party
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  • 1 Asia
  • 2 Africa
  • 3 Europe
  • 4 North America
  • 5 South America
  • 6 Oceania
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  • Chinese National Socialist Party, China democratic socialist, unrelated to the NSDAP
  • Iranian National Socialist Party est 1952 pro-Hitler, antisemitic both anti-Arab and antisemitic
  • Jatiyo Samajtantrik Dal National Socialist Party, Bangladesh socialist
  • National Revolutionary Socialist Party, India Marxist/Leftist
  • National Socialism Association, Taiwan, National Socialist
  • National Socialist Council of Nagaland, India Maoist
  • National Socialist Japanese Workers' Party, Japan nationalist
  • National Socialist Party Jordan, 1954-1957 socialist
  • National Socialist Party Thailand, 1957–58 pro-military
  • National Socialist Party of Tripura, India Tripuri nationalist
  • Syrian Social Nationalist Party secular, nationalist, pro-Syria, fascist
  • Tōhōkai, Japan, National Socialist


  • South African Gentile National Socialist Movement German-style National Socialist, anti-Semitic, pro-White African


  • Austrian National Socialism pan-German nationalist
  • Bulgarian National Socialist Party Bulgarian, antisemitic
  • National Socialist Workers' Party of Denmark German-style National Socialist, antisemitic
  • Parti Socialiste National, in France, founded by Pierre Biétry in 1903, became the Fédération Nationale des Jaunes de France or the Yellow socialists in 1904 antisemitic, pro-union, anti-Marxist
  • National-Social Association, in Germany, founded by Friedrich Naumann in 1896 It is unrelated to Nazism Social liberal, progressive, pro-Germany, anti-Marxist
  • Socialist Reich Party Germany pro-Hitler, pro-German-reunification, Holocaust-denying, anti-American, pro-Soviet but anti-communist and anti-capitalist, post-WWII
  • Greek National Socialist Party Italian-style fascist, pro-Hitler
  • Hungarian National Socialist Party one of several such groups, 1920s-40s German-style National Socialist, antisemitic
  • National Socialist Party UK, a breakaway group from the British Socialist Party formed in 1916; historically Marxist, it reverted to a previous name as the Social Democratic Federation in 1919 and then merged with the Labour Party
  • National Socialist League United Kingdom 1930s British, pro-Hitler
  • National Socialist Action Party United Kingdom, est 1982 British, possibly anti-immigrant
  • National Socialist Dutch Workers Party favoured German annexation of the Netherlands
  • Nasjonal Samling Norway German-style National Socialist, antisemitic, anti-Masonic
  • National Socialist Workers' Party of Norway German-style Nazi, antisemitic
  • Russian National Unity pro-Russian, pro-Russia-apartheid, antisemitic, anti-non-Russian-indigenous
  • Russian National Socialist Party Russian nationalist, fascist, theocratic Orthodox Christian, socialist, anti-immigrant
  • Czech National Social Party, a civic nationalist and moderate left-wing party known as the Czechoslovak National Socialist Party between 1926 and 1948
  • German National Socialist Workers' Party Czechoslovakia Sudeten German, antisemitic
  • Sudeten German National Socialist Party Sudeten German, pro-annexation-by-Germany
  • Czech National Socialist Party
  • National Socialist Party Romania German-style National Socialist
  • Swedish National Socialist Farmers' and Workers' Party Agrarism, pro-Hitler
  • National Socialist People's Party of Sweden Italian/German style fascist/National Socialist
  • National Socialist Workers' Party Sweden started as a German-style National Socialist party, but became more leftist and independently Swedish before declining during WWII
  • Ukrainian Insurgent Army Created before WWII, German sponsored party as part of SS Galizten, anti-Polish, antisemitic, involved in the genocide of Poles on the eastern frontier of the pre-WWII Polish Republic
  • National Front Switzerland Italian/German style fascist/National Socialist, anti-Semitic
  • German National Movement in Liechtenstein German style National Socialism, anti-Semitic, favoured German annexation of Liechtenstein
  • Volksdeutsche Bewegung Luxembourgish, National Socialist party in Luxembourg, favoured German annexation of Luxembourg

North America

  • American Nazi Party, founded by George Lincoln Rockwell
  • National Unity Party Canada pro-Anglo-Canadian/French-Canadian
  • Parti national social chrétien Canada pro-Anglo-Canadian/French-Canadian
  • National Socialist League United States "Aryan", pro-Hitler
  • National Socialist Party of America white, antisemitic, anti-black
  • National Socialist White People's Party Harold Covington Pacific Northwest secessionist, pro-apartheid, white, antisemitic

South America

  • National Socialist Movement of Chile pro-Hitler, fascist


  • National Socialist Party of Australia neo-Nazi organisation
  • National Socialist Party of New Zealand German-style National Socialist, antisemitic both anti-Arab and antisemitic

See also

  • Nazism
  • Neo-Nazism
  • Independent National Socialism
  • National Socialist Movement disambiguation
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