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Nataraja Guru

nataraja guru disciple of narayana guru, nataraja guru
Nataraja Guru born P Natarajan, 18 February 1895 – 19 March 1973 was a disciple of Narayana Guru and himself an Indian social reformer


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P Natarajan was born in Bangalore in British India on 18 February 1895 His mother was Bhagavathi and his father, Palpu, was a doctor who founded the Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Society for the Propagation of the Religion of Sree Narayana, or SNDP in 1903, of which Narayana Guru was the first president Natarajan was the third of five children, having both an older and younger brother and an older and younger sister He received a high-class education in Bangalore, Trivandrum and Kandy before being awarded a Master's degree by Madras Presidency College

Natarajan had come into contact with Narayana Guru and experienced the gurukul way of life in Alwaye and Ooty before becoming headmaster at Varkala High School, which had been founded by Naryana It was after a "conference of all religions" at Alwaye that Natarajan founded his Narayana Gurukulam Movement NGM and University for the Science of the Absolute in 1924 K K N Kurup, a historian of Kerala, describes the NGM as "an international order of brotherhood"

In the year that Naryana died, 1928, Natarajan received his blessing to study abroad These studies lasted five years, during which he obtained a doctorate of letters from the Sorbonne in Paris while also teaching at the Quaker International School in Geneva

On returning to India, Natarajan spent two years seeking work in various parts of the country because the followers of Narayana were not welcoming to him after the guru's death In 1935, he returned to the gurukul at Fernhill in Ooty He spent some time as an Advisor for the princely state of Cochin and established an educational institute in Mysore State before leaving India for Europe once again in 1949 Upon his return in 1951, having also visited America, he was recognised as a guru

Thereafter, Nataraja travelled widely around the world and, in 1963, established the Brahmavidya Mandiram at Sivagiri in Varkala He translated into English and wrote commentaries on all the major works of Narayana Guru He also wrote on a wide variety of subjects, employing throughout a protolinguistic or structural approach

Nataraja Guru died on 19 March 1973 at the NGM headquarters in Varkala


  • The Word of the Guru: Life and Teachings of Narayana Guru
  • Vedanta Revalued and Restated
  • Autobiography of an Absolutist
  • The Bhagavad Gita, Translation and Commentary
  • An Integrated Science of the Absolute Volumes I, II
  • Wisdom: The Absolute is Adorable
  • Saundarya Lahari of Sankara
  • The Search for a Norm in Western Thought
  • The Philosophy of a Guru
  • Memorandum on World Government
  • World Education Manifesto
  • Experiencing One World
  • Dialectical Methodology
  • Anthology of the Poems of Narayana Guru



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Further reading

  • Smith, Bardwell L, ed 1976 Religion and Social Conflict in South Asia BRILL ISBN 9789004045101 

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