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Nanpō Islands

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The Nanpō Islands 南方諸島, Nanpō Shotō is a collective term for the groups of islands that are located to the south of the Japanese archipelago They extend from the Izu Peninsula west of Tokyo Bay southward for about 1,200 km 750 mi, to within 500 km 310 mi of the Mariana Islands The Nanpō Islands are all administered by Tokyo Metropolis

Nanpō Islands

The Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department of the Japan Coast Guard defines the Nanpō Shotō as follows:1

  • Nanpō Shotō Nanpō Islands
    • Izu Shotō Izu Islands
    • Ogasawara Guntō Bonin Islands
      • Mukojima Rettō
      • Chichijima Rettō
      • Hahajima Rettō
    • Kazan Rettō Volcano Islands including Nishinoshima
      • Kita Iwo Jima North Iwo Jima
      • Iwo Jima
      • Minami Iwo Jima South Iwo Jima

The Geospatial Information Authority of Japan, another government organ that is responsible for standardization of place names, does not use the term Nanpō Shotō although it has agreed with the Japan Coast Guard over the names and extents of the subgroups of the Nanpō Shotō1

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  1. ^ a b Ajiro Tatsuhiko and Warita Ikuo, Waga kuni no kōiki na chimei oyobi sono han'i ni tsuite no chōsa kenkyū The geographical names and those extents of the wide areas in Japan, Kaiyō Jōhōbu Gihō, Vol 27, 2009online edition

Coordinates: 28°00′00″N 141°00′00″E / 280000°N 1410000°E / 280000; 1410000

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Nanpō Islands

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