Myalgia, or muscle pain, is a symptom of many diseases and disorders The most common causes are the overuse or over-stretching of a muscle or group of muscles Myalgia without a traumatic history is often due to viral infections Longer-term myalgias may be indicative of a metabolic myopathy, some nutritional deficiencies or chronic fatigue syndrome


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    • 11 Overuse
    • 12 Injury
    • 13 Autoimmune
    • 14 Metabolic defect
    • 15 Other
    • 16 Withdrawal syndrome from certain drugs
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The most common causes of myalgia are overuse, injury or strain However, myalgia can also be caused by diseases, disorders, medications, or as a response to a vaccination It is also a sign of acute rejection after heart transplant surgery

The most common causes are:

  • Injury or trauma, including sprains, hematoma
  • Overuse: using a muscle too much, too often, including protecting a separate injury
  • Chronic tension

Muscle pain occurs with:

  • Rhabdomyolysis, associated with:
    • Viral
    • Compression injury
    • Drug-related, esp fibrates and statins, occ ACE inhibitors, cocaine, some retro-viral drugs
    • Severe potassium deficiency
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
  • Auto-immune disorders, including:
    • Mixed connective tissue disease
    • Systemic lupus erythematosus
    • Polymyalgia rheumatica
    • Polymyositis
    • Dermatomyositis
    • Multiple Sclerosis this is neurologic pain localised to myotome
  • Infections, including:
    • Influenza the flu
    • Lyme disease
    • Babesiosis
    • Malaria
    • Toxoplasmosis
    • Dengue Fever
    • Hemorrhagic fever
    • Muscle abscess
    • Polio
    • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
    • Trichinosis roundworm
    • Ebola
  • Reaction to Statin drugs
  • Other
    • Postorgasmic illness syndrome POIS123


Overuse of a muscle is using it too much, too soon and/or too often4 Examples are:

  • Repetitive strain injury


The most common causes of myalgia by injury are: sprains and strains4


Multiple sclerosis neurologic pain interpreted as muscular, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis chronic fatigue syndrome, Myositis, Mixed connective tissue disease, Lupus erythematosus, Fibromyalgia syndrome, Familial Mediterranean fever, Polyarteritis nodosa, Devic's disease, Morphea, Sarcoidosis

Metabolic defectedit

Carnitine palmitoyltransferase II deficiency, Conn's syndrome, Adrenal insufficiency, Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, Diabetes, Hypogonadism, postorgasmic illness syndrome POIS123


Chronic fatigue syndrome aka Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Channelopathy, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Stickler Syndrome, Hypokalemia, Hypotonia Low Muscle Tone, Exercise intolerance, Mastocytosis, Peripheral neuropathy, Eosinophilia myalgia syndrome, Barcoo Fever, Herpes, Hemochromatosis aka Iron Overload Disorder, Delayed onset muscle soreness, AIDS, HIV, Tumor-induced osteomalacia, Hypovitaminosis D, infarction5

Withdrawal syndrome from certain drugsedit

Sudden cessation of high-dose corticosteroids, opioids, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, caffeine or alcohol can induce myalgia in many respects

See alsoedit

  • Myopathy
  • Myelitis
  • Arthralgia


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  • NEUROMUSCULAR DISEASE CENTER Washington University a more comprehensive list

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