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Mukwano Group

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The Mukwano Group of Companies, commonly known as the Mukwano Group, is a conglomerate based in Uganda, with operations in other East African countries


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The Group's headquarters are located on Mukwano Road Bypass Road, in the Central Division of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city The coordinates of the company headquarters are: 0°18'450"N, 32°35'270"E Latitude:0312500; Longitude:32590840


The group was established in 1986, although it did not start operations until 1989 As of October 2016, the group is involved in six main areas of business: a manufacturing b real estate investments c bulk storage & shipment d cargo clearing & forwarding e agriculture and f financial services Mukwano Group is one of the most active investment groups in Uganda The group won the coveted Annual Presidential Award of Best Exporter of the Year for 2004 In 2009, its beverages division attained ISO Certification

Subsidiary companies

The subsidiary companies of the Mukwano Group include but are not limited to the following: 1 AK Transporters Uganda Limited; a fully licensed and equipped logistics and transport company with over 200 light, medium and heavy transport trucks 2 Gulf Stream Investments Limited; a bulk liquid-storage terminal within the port area of Mombasa, Kenya The terminal can store close to 26,000 metric tones of vegetable oils, oil derivatives and related chemicals in dedicated tanks 3 Exim Bank Uganda; a retail commercial commercial bank jointly owned with Exim Bank Tanzania 4 Lira Maize Factory Limited; located in Lira, Lira District, Northern Uganda 5 Lira Oil Mill Limited; which produces in excess of 25,000 tons of oil annually, from sunflower and cottonseed, since 2007

6 Mukwano Agro Project Limited; which consists of over 17,000 acres 27 sq mi under cultivation in Masindi District Crops include maize, soybeans, sunflower, and simsim Contracts with over 45,000 out-growers whose farm acreage is in the neighborhood of 200,000 acres 310 sq mi 7 Mukwano AK Plastics; which manufactures household and industrial plastic products 8 Mukwano Dar es Salaam Factory; located in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, the factory has manufactured edible oil and soap since 2004 9 Mukwano Industries Limited, a manufacturer of edible oil, soaps, cleaning products, sanitary products, household and industrial plastic products, bottled water and energy drinks 10 Mukwano Sugar Factory; a licensed sugar manufacturer, located in Masindi District, with capacity to process 2,500 metric tonnes of raw sugarcane daily 912,000 tonnes annually

11 Nationwide Properties Limited; a real-estate development company that builds commercial and residential properties Nationwide is a joint venture between the Mukwano Group and Property Services Limited, a real estate management firm in Uganda 12 Riley Packaging Limited; the largest producer of packaging materials in East Africa, a joint venture between Mukwano Group and Raps Limited, another Ugandan company The factory, estimated at US$13 million, is located in Mukono on the Kampala-Jinja Highway


The products of the Group include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Aqua Sipi bottled water
  • Kyekyo energy drinks
  • Mukwano edible cooking oil
  • Roki fortified edible cooking oil
  • Three Star fortified edible cooking oil
  • Marina margarine
  • Tamu baking fat
  • Sunseed edible sunflower oil
  • Nice Fry edible cooking fat
  • Nice Fry vegetable frying fat
  • Royal Palms Housing Estate - A gated residential community, located at Butabika, 9 kilometres 56 mi, by road, southeast of the central business district of Kampala, on the shores of Lake Victoria

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