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muc1, muc16
1SM3, 2ACM

Identifiers Aliases MUC1, ADMCKD, ADMCKD1, CA 15-3, CD227, EMA, H23AG, KL-6, MAM6, MCD, MCKD, MCKD1, MUC-1, MUC-1/SEC, MUC-1/X, MUC1/ZD, PEM, PEMT, PUM, mucin 1, cell surface associated External IDs HomoloGene: 136477 GeneCards: MUC1 RNA expression pattern

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Location UCSC Chr 1: 15519 – 15519 Mb n/a PubMed search 1 n/a Wikidata
  • ^ "Human PubMed Reference:" 
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  • ^ Phase 1 dose escalation of ONT-10, a therapeutic MUC1 vaccine, in patients with advanced cancer 2013
  • Further readingedit

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