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Mstsislaw Voivodeship

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Mstislaw Voivodeship or Mścisław Voivodeship Belarusian: Амсьці́слаўскае ваяво́дзтва, Polish: Województwo Mścisławskie, Latin: Palatinatus Mscislaviensis was a unit of administrative division and local government in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from 1569 the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, since the 15th century until the Partitions of Poland in 1795

Zygmunt Gloger in his monumental book Historical Geography of the Lands of Old Poland provides this description of the Mscislaw Voivodeship:

“Mscislaw Mscislavia, which lies at the Wiechra river, was probably founded in the late 13th century, and named after Duke of Smolensk, Mstislav Romanovich the Old In the 14th century, it was captured by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and for a while remained a fief By 1538, the Duchy of Mscislaw was already governed by a starosta, who during the reign of King Zygmunt August was renamed into a voivode, while the Duchy was turned into a voivodeship First Voivode of Mscislaw was Jerzy Oscik, Traby coat of arms

The Voivodeship of Mscislaw was not divided into counties see powiat Its sejmiks took place at Mscislaw, where two deputies to the Sejm were elected, and two to the Lithuanian Tribunal It ceased to exist in 1772, when after the first partition of Poland, Mscislaw Voivodeship was annexed by the Russian Empire"

Voivodeship Governor Wojewoda seat:

  • Mscislaw


  • Janusz Skumin Tyszkiewicz 1621-1626
  • Mikołaj Kiszka 1626-1636
  • Mikołaj Abramowicz 1643-1647
  • Fryderyk Sapieha VIII 1647-1650

Administrative division

  • the voivodeship was not divided into counties


  • Mscislaw Voivodeship, description by Zygmunt Gloger

Coordinates: 54°01′05″N 31°43′32″E / 54018155°N 31725593°E / 54018155; 31725593

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Mstsislaw Voivodeship

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Mstsislaw Voivodeship
Mstsislaw Voivodeship
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