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Miisa, miisa rotola-pukkila
Miisa-Leena Päällysaho 19 February 1970 – 7 July 2016, better known as Miisa, was a Finnish Eurodance artist who released two albums in the 1990s

Her first single was released in Finland in 1991 and in the mid-1990s Miisa was trying to break into the US markets Her biggest hit was the single Set Me Free, reaching #9 on the Billboard compiled Dance Club Songs chart in March 1996 The song All or Nothing 1994 was included on the soundtrack to the 1999 comedy But I'm a Cheerleader

It was later revealed that Miisa did not actually sing on her records, but the real vocalist was the Swedish singer Karin Strömfelt After her music career, Miisa worked as a make-up artist She died of cancer on 7 July 2016, aged 46


  • Attitude 1994
  • Miisa 1995, US 1996
  • Upside Down 1991
  • Set Me Free 1993, US 1996
  • Hold On 1993
  • All Or Nothing 1994, US 1995
  • You & Me Innocence 1994
  • Lovin' U 1995
  • How Will I Know 1996
  • Get Ready 1996
  • If


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  • Miisa discography at Discogs

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