Michel Vaxès
Thu . 18 Aug 2018

Michel Vaxès

Michel Vaxès November 14, 1940 – September 18, 2016 was a French politician


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  • 3 Personal life and death
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Early life

Michel Vaxès was born on November 14, 1940 in Marseille, Southern France


Vaxès was a school counsellor

Vaxès was a member of the French Communist Party He served on the city council of Port-de-Bouc, and eventually served as its mayor He also served as a member of the National Assembly of France from 1997 to 2012, representing the Bouches-du-Rhône department His parliamentary assistant was Gaby Charroux, who subsequently won his seat in the assembly In 2003, in the midst of his tenure, he tried to remove the word "race" from the Constitution of France, unsuccessfully

Personal life and death

Vaxès was married to Renée Vaxès He had two sons, Erick and Yann He died of cancer on September 18, 2016 He was 75 years old

Further reading

  • Dharréville, Pierre 2011 Michel Vaxès : portrait d'un citoyen en député du peuple Paris: Les éditions Arcane 17 ISBN 9782918721147 OCLC 773985397 


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