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Metrovías SA is an Argentine privately owned company that operates the Buenos Aires Underground and the Metropolitan services of Urquiza Line23 90% of Metrovías' shares are held by Grupo Roggio45


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on 1 January 1994, Metrovías took over the concession, granted by the Argentine government as part of railway privatisation during the presidency of Carlos Menem, for the operation of the standard gauge Urquiza Line commuter rail service in Buenos Aires, Argentina This service had previously been run by the state-owned Ferrocarriles Argentinos as part of the General Urquiza Railway since nationalisation of the railways in 1948 In addition Metrovías took over the management of the Buenos Aires Underground system and the Buenos Aires PreMetro when they were privatised in 1994

The Urquiza Line operates from Federico Lacroze railway station to General Lemos and, when combined with the Underground, have a total of 108 stations, 729 kilometres of track, with 692 carriages that transport 2838 million passengers per year The company has approximately 3,000 employees

From 2004 to 2013 the company also formed part of UGOFE, a consortium with Trenes de Buenos Aires TBA and Ferrovías, which took over the running of commuter rail services on the Belgrano Sur Line, Roca Line and San Martín Line after concessions granted to Metropolitano SA for the operation of these services were revoked

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  • Urquiza Line
  • Buenos Aires PreMetro


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