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Methylthiouracil is an antithyroid preparation It is a thioamide, closely related to propylthiouracil

Methylthiouracil is not used clinically in the United States, it has a similar mechanism of action and side effect to that of propylthiouricil

The drug acts to decrease the formation of stored thyroid hormone, as thyroglobulin in the thyroid gland

The clinical effects of the drug to treat the hyperthyroid state can have a lag period of up to two weeks, depending on the stores of thyroglobulin and other factors

Side effects

Agranulocytosis: develops rapidly, sore throat and fever are hallmark symptoms Can be fatal if drug is not discontinued promptly

Allergic skin reactions the most dangerous of which is exfoliative dermatitis, it rapidly can get out of control, notify the physician should a skin eruption occur

Hepatitis: yellowing of the skin, nausea, yellowing of the whites of the eyes, flu-like symptoms

Thrombocytopenia: unusual bruising or bleeding


Methylthiouracil synthesis:

Methylthiouracil is prepared quite simply by condensation of ethyl acetoacetate with thiourea

Further work in this series shows that better activity was obtained by incorporation of a lipophilic side chain


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methylthiouracil, methylthiouracil nizfarm price

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