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mesocarnivores, mesocarnivore definition
A mesocarnivore is an animal whose diet consists of 30–70% meat with the balance consisting of non-vertebrate foods which may include fungi, fruits, and other plant material Mesocarnivores are seen today among the Canidae coyotes, foxes, Viverridae civets, Mustelidae martens, tayra, Procyonidae ring-tailed cat, raccoon, Mephitidae skunks, and Herpestidae some mongooses


Mesocarnivore cheek teeth are heterodont and their different shapes reflect distinct functions Incisors and canines are used to apprehend food and kill prey, pointed premolars pierce and hold prey, and molars are involved in both slicing and crushing functions The slicing function of the molars is produced by occlusion between the carnassials, the lower first molar, and the upper fourth premolar

Mesocarnivores represent the earliest Miacoidea family of Miacidae They are best represented by Prohesperocyon, species P wilsoni, with 3 incisors, 1 canine tooth, 4 premolars above The jaw has 3 molars below, and 2 molars above on each side

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