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Melissa Fahn

melissa fahn, melissa fahn behind the voice actors
Melissa Fahn is an American voice actress and singer for anime dubs, such as Cowboy Bebop, Digimon, Eureka Seven, FLCL, Noein and Zatch Bell! She starred in the Broadway performance of Wicked and various theatre projects in Los Angeles


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Personal lifeedit

Fahn was raised in Huntington, Long Island as the youngest of four siblings She performed dancing at the age of 3 Her family moved to Huntington Beach, California Her father, a jazz drummer, encouraged her to learn singing and acting in addition to just dancing She continued in community theater productions and toured with Young Americans She majored in dance at California State University, Long Beach but left after one year to devote her time to work and theater3

Fahn has three older brothers: Michael Fahn is a musician, while Tom Fahn and Jonathan Fahn are fellow voice and stage actors In 2000, Fahn met musician Joel Alpers on the set of Vox Lumiere in Los Angeles, and they wed at Kauai, Hawaii in 20024


While working as a receptionist, her voice caught the attention of a casting director for a new Betty Boop featurette, which led to her first voice-over role in The Betty Boop Movie Mystery3 Fahn has voiced many animated characters, such as Luna in Mega Man Star Force, Edward in Cowboy Bebop, Haruka in Noein, Gaz as well as others in Invader Zim, and Rika Nonaka, Kristy Damon and Nene Amano in Digimon She is the voice of Neptune in the Hyperdimension Neptunia series5

She performed live on stage worldwide in shows such as Hal Prince's 3hree, Gilligan's Island the Musical, Singin' in the Rain, No, No, Nanette and the rock-operas of Vox Lumiere

In 2007, Fahn released her music album Avignon which was produced by her husband, Joel Alpers The album also involved her brother Tom on trombone and sister-in-law Mary Ann McSweeney in bass Alpers also played drums and percussion4


Fahn is a member of the ensemble in the original Broadway cast of Stephen Schwartz's musical Wicked In March 2004, Fahn played an understudy for Glinda, replacing Melissa Bell Chait who suffered a stroke Fahn departed the show on October 31, 2004 She later became an original cast member of the Los Angeles sit-down productions, performing in the ensemble and again understudying the role of Glinda before departing on December 30, 2007



List of voice performances in anime
Year Title Role Other roles, notes Source6
000000001992-01-01-00001992 Super Dimension Fortress Macross II: Lovers, Again Amy As Melissa Charles
000000001992-01-01-00001992–03 Guyver OVAs Mizuki Segawa As Melissa Charles
Also Guyver II
000000001993-01-01-00001993 Moldiver Mao Shirase As Melissa Charles
000000001995-01-01-00001995 Black Magic M-66 Ferris As Melissa Charles 1
000000001995-01-01-00001995 Phantom Quest Corp Nanami Rokugou As Melissa Charles
000000001995-01-01-00001995–99 El-Hazard series Alielle, others Voice acting as Melissa Charles under El-Hazard Talent
English Vocal for theme song "Clever" in Wanderers as Melissa Fahn
000000001997-01-01-00001997 Tokyo Revelation Kiyoko As Melissa Charles
000000001998-01-01-00001998–2000 Fushigi Yuugi series Nyan Nyan As Melissa Charles
000000001999-01-01-00001999 Cowboy Bebop Edward As Melissa Charles 89
000000001999-01-01-00001999 Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket Dorothy As Melissa Charles
000000001999-01-01-00001999 Mobile Suit Gundam: The Movie Trilogy Fraw Bow As Melissa Charles
000000002000-01-01-00002000 Apocalypse Zero Megumi As Melissa Charles
000000002000-01-01-00002000 Arc the Lad Shante, others As Melissa Charles
000000002000-01-01-00002000 Black Heaven Psychic Bell Ringer As Melissa Charles
000000002000-01-01-00002000 Jungle De Ikou Natsumi, Mei
000000002000-01-01-00002000 Magic Knight Rayearth 2 Tarta & Tatra As Melissa Charles
000000002000-01-01-00002000 Panda! Go, Panda! Panny
000000002001-05-29-00002001 Samurai: Hunt for the Sword Lei Lin As Melissa Charles
000000002001-01-01-00002001 Ah! My Goddess: The Movie Sora Hasegawa As Melissa Charles
000000002001-01-01-00002001 Blood: The Last Vampire Linda OVA
000000002001-01-01-00002001 Digimon Tamers Rika Nonaka 1011
000000002001-01-01-00002001 Gate Keepers Specs As Melissa Charles
000000002001-01-01-00002001 Mezzo Forte Mikura Suzuki As Tina Dixon
000000002001-01-01-00002001 Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team Karen Child As Melissa Charles
000000002001-01-01-00002001 Nightwalker Asami Akiba, Monique As Melissa Charles
000000002001-01-01-00002001 Vampire Princess Miyu Lilith, Shizuko, Mei-Fah TV series
000000002002-01-01-00002002 Cowboy Bebop: The Movie Edward As Melissa Charles 12
000000002002-01-01-00002002 Vandread series Amarone Slainthiev As Tina Dixon
000000002002-01-01-00002002 Ys Feena As Tina Dixon
000000002003-01-01-00002003 Gun Frontier Various characters As Tina Dixon
000000002003-01-01-00002003 Idol Project Corvette Hyers As Tina Dixon
000000002003-01-01-00002003 Kikaider Etsuko Sarutobi
000000002003-01-01-00002003 Love Hina Again Kanako Urashima As Tina Dixon
000000002003-01-01-00002003 Lupin III: Part II Party Guest
000000002003-01-01-00002003 Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden Chizuko Oe As Tina Dixon 1314
000000002003-01-01-00002003 Mahoromatic: Something more Beautiful Chizuko Oe As Tina Dixon, Eps 5-11
000000002003-01-01-00002003 Please Teacher! Kaede Misumi
000000002003-01-01-00002003 s-CRY-ed Cammy, Girl at Party, Chuka
000000002003-01-01-00002003 Sakura Wars: The Movie Orihime Soletta As Tina Dixon
000000002003-01-01-00002003 Wild Arms: Twilight Venom Michelle Fran As Tina Dixon
000000002004-01-01-00002004 Burn-Up Scramble Various characters As Tina Dixon
000000002004-01-01-00002004 Kaze no Yojimbo Miyuki Tanokura
000000002004-01-01-00002004 Sakura Taisen: Sumire Orihime Soletta As Tina Dixon
000000002004-01-01-00002004–05 Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex series Tachikoma Also 2nd Gig, Tachikomatic Complex
000000002005-01-01-00002005 Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo Various characters As Tina Dixon
000000002006-02-14-00002006–07 Haré+Guu Rebecca As Tina Dixon 15
000000002005-01-01-00002005 Le Portrait de Petit Cossette Woman Mistress As Tina Dixon
OAV series
000000002005-01-01-00002005 Digimon Tamers: Battle of Adventurers Rika 10
000000002005-01-01-00002005 Digimon Tamers: Runaway Locomon Rika 10
000000002005-01-01-00002005 Mars Daybreak Vestamona "Vess" Lauren
000000002005-01-01-00002005 New Getter Robo Ruby, Lab Staff As Tina Dixon
000000002005-01-01-00002005 Samurai Champloo Various characters As Tina Dixon
000000002005-01-01-00002005 Skyhigh Sayuri Toyama As Tina Dixon
000000002005-01-01-00002005 Tenjho Tenge Mana Kuzunoha As Tina Dixon
000000002005-01-01-00002005 Zatch Bell! Tia 1116
000000002006-01-01-00002006 Karas Chizuru
000000002006-01-01-00002006 Noein Haruka Kaminogi 11
000000002007-01-01-00002007 Digimon Data Squad Kristy Damon 11
000000002013-01-01-00002013 Digimon Fusion Nene Amano 10
000000002013-01-01-00002013 Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation Neptune 1117
000000002015-01-01-00002015 Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works Rider 18
000000002007-01-01-00002007 Blue Dragon Bouquet 1119
000000002002-01-01-00002002 Digimon Frontier Narrator
000000002005-01-01-00002005 Eureka Seven Ray Beams
000000002000-01-01-00002000 FLCL Eri Ninamori As Heather Lee Joelson 1120
000000001998-01-01-00001998 Flint the Time Detective Bindi
000000002014-01-01-00002014 Knights of Sidonia Izana Shinatose 11
000000001972-01-01-00001972 Panda! Go, Panda!: Rainy Day Circus Panny
000000001996-01-01-00001996 Rurouni Kenshin Seta Sōjirō Eps 54-56
000000002008-01-01-00002008 Stitch! Sasha 11
000000001999-01-01-00001999 Hello Kitty's Paradise Hello Kitty 11
000000002009-01-01-00002009 Mahoromatic: I'm Home! Chizuko Oe As Tina Dixon
000000002001-01-01-00002001 Samurai Girl Real Bout High School Nanako Hishinuma As Tina Dixon 2


List of voice performances in animation
Year Title Role Notes Source6
000000001989-01-01-00001989 The Betty Boop Movie Mystery Betty Boop Debut voice-over role
000000001998-01-01-00001998 The Wild Thornberries Katrina, Russian teenager 10
000000002001-01-01-00002001 Invader Zim Gaz Membrane, other characters, including newborn Zim in "Parent-Teacher Night" 102122
999999999999-99-99-0000 Zentrix Akina
999999999999-99-99-0000 The Ren & Stimpy Show Fan club member, others
999999999999-99-99-0000 Gormiti Jessica 11
TBD Untitled Invader Zim film Gaz Membrane Upcoming 23

Video gamesedit

List of voice performances in video games
Year Title Role Notes Source6
000000002002-01-01-00002002 Digimon Rumble Arena Rika Nonaka 10
000000002006-01-01-00002006 God Hand Conchita 10
000000002008-01-01-00002008 SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom Gaz Membrane 10
000000002008-01-01-00002008 Star Ocean: First Departure Welch Vineyard 10
000000002009-01-01-00002009 Star Ocean: Second Evolution Welch Vineyard 10
000000002010-01-01-00002010– Hyperdimension Neptunia series Neptune 5
000000002010-01-01-00002010 Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love Rosarita Aries 2425
000000002011-01-01-00002011 Nicktoons MLB Gaz Membrane 10
000000002013-01-01-00002013 Fire Emblem: Awakening Maribelle 11
000000002016-01-01-00002016 World of Final Fantasy Chocochick 26

Live action television and filmedit

List of acting performances in film and television
Year Title Role Notes Source27
Passions Young Esmerelda
000000001993-12-01-00001993 Beverly Hills 90210 Student in Black Ep "Emily" 28
Head of the Class Stephanie
The Eddie Files The Waitress
Fast Food Cookie short film
A Night at the Roxbury
The Last Day
Say Anything
Cast a Deadly Spell
1988 Salsa Featured Dancer
Zombie Prom Studio singer
999999999999-99-99-0000 Tick Tock Boom Clap Sara 11


List of acting performances in theater
Year Title Role Notes Source29
2003 Wicked Ensemble Soloist, Glinda understudy Original Broadway production, Los Angeles production 30


  • Avignon 20074


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External linksedit

  • Melissa Fahn on Twitter
  • Melissa Fahn at Anime News Network's encyclopedia
  • Melissa Fahn, Melissa Charles, Tina Dixon at Crystal Acids Voice Actor Database
  • Melissa Fahn at the Internet Movie Database

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