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Mary Rees

mary reese, mary reeser
Susan Mary Rees, FRS born Cambridge, 31 July 1953[1] is a British mathematician and a Professor of Mathematics at Liverpool University since 2002, specialising in research in complex dynamical systems[2][3]


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After obtaining her BA in 1974 and MSc in 1975 at St Hugh's College, Oxford, she did research in mathematics under the direction of Bill Parry at Warwick University, obtaining a PhD in 1978 She was awarded a Whitehead Prize of the London Mathematical Society in 1988 The citation[4] notes that, in particular,

Her most spectacular theorem[5] has been to show that in the space of rational maps of the Riemann sphere of degree d ≥ 2 those maps that are ergodic with respect to Lebesgue measure and leave invariant an absolutely continuous probability measure form a set of positive measure

She also spoke at the ICM in 1990[6] In recent years, much of Rees's work has focused on the dynamics of quadratic rational maps; ie rational maps of the Riemann sphere of degree two, including an extensive monograph[7] In 2004, she also presented an alternative proof of the Ending Laminations Conjecture of Thurston,[8] which had been proved by Brock, Canary and Minsky shortly before[9]


She was elected to a Fellowship of the Royal Society in 2002


Her father David Rees was also a distinguished mathematician, who worked on Enigma in Hut 6 at Bletchley Park Her sister Sarah Rees is also a mathematician[6]


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