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Marsupial mole

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N typhlops
N caurinus

Fossil record

Notoryctids are represented by early Miocene fossils of Naraboryctes from site of Riversleigh in Queensland, Australia, which document the mosaic acquisition of dental and skeletal features of the living Notoryctes from a more terrestrial ancestor The notoryctid fossil record demonstrates that the primary cusp of the molars is the metacone, distinct from the paracone characteristic of zalambdodont tenrecs, golden moles, and Solenodon Regarding the number of teeth in each dental quadrant or dental formula Archer et al 2011 reported that "the dental formula for species of Notoryctes is controversial because of considerable polymorphism in tooth number, both between specimens and within the same specimen" Nonetheless, reflecting the consensus of older studies, Archer et al 2011 report the presence of four molars typical for marsupials in each quadrant both in living Notoryctes and the fossil notoryctid Naraboryctes

Evolutionary affinities

American paleontologist William King Gregory wrote in 1910 p 209 that "Notoryctes is a true marsupial" and this view has been repeatedly verified by phylogenetic analyses of comparative anatomy, mitochondrial DNA, nuclear DNA, rare genomic events, and combined datasets of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA and morphology and DNA The largest phylogenetic datasets strongly support the placement of Notoryctes as the sister taxon to a dasyuromorph-peramelian clade, within the Australidelphian radiation


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