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Mane (film)

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Mane Kannada: ಮನೆ, error: }: text has italic markup help is a 1990 Indian Kannada language film directed by Girish Kasaravalli starring Naseeruddin Shah, Deepti Naval and Rohini Hattangadi in lead roles


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Mane is a Kafkaesque tale about a young couple Naseeruddin Shah and Deepti Naval that moves to the city from a village with the hope of finding privacy and freedom, which are unavailable in the joint family system Arriving in the city with a hope to find a cosy little home, Rajanna and Geeta are happy when they find one such house One day they find a workshop opening up next door Rajanna is indignant at the noises coming from the workshop but he is helpless Geeta, meanwhile, gets the shed vacated with the help of the police inspector Rajanna seeks the help of the workmen who had earlier occupied the shed to take Geeta away from the environment But discovers that their slum is being demolished to make way for a multinational

For all its narrative excursions, in a sense, Mane is merely about the breakup of a marriage in which the Rossellinian couple, unable to confront each other directly amidst the loneliness of the city, externalizes their troubles – his powerlessness, her desire for freedom and their childlessness – and shifts blame on situations beyond their control in order to act victims Kasaravalli works wonder with film and sound here, using them to denote the impending break down One stunning shot uses the neon lights of the neighbourhood to literally break apart the frame A critique on urban spaces that suffocate more than they promise privacy, Mane unfolds like a sociological update on Rear Window 1954, in which personal anxieties and fears are displaced onto the surroundings and, specifically, onto a lower social class In that sense, Mane connects all the way to the director’s latest work in the manner in which it raises questions about the visibility of the class structure and the seeming imperceptibility of the consequences of acts of one class on the other Mane is full of such encroachments of freedom by other competing notions of freedom – between classes, between houses and between spouses


  • Naseeruddin Shah as Rajashekhara K S
  • Deepti Naval
  • Rohini Hattangadi
  • Mico Chandru
  • B S Achar
  • BHEL Krishna
  • Shanta Devi

Awards and recognition

  • National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Kannada
  • This film screened 14th IFFI panorama


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External links

  • Mane on IMDb

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