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M33 cluster bomb

m33 cluster bombs, m33 cluster bombing
The M33 cluster bomb, also known as the M33 Brucella cluster bomb, was a US biological cluster bomb developed in the early 1950s and deployed in 1952 It was the first standardized biological weapon in the US arsenal


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The US Army Chemical Corps selected Brucella suis as its first mass-produced biological agent in 1949 Tests at Dugway Proving Ground followed in 1950 and 1951 These tests paved the way for the first mass-produced biological weapon in the US arsenal in 19521


The M33 cluster bomb was a 500-pound 227 kg biological munition that initially carried the biological agent Brucella suis The M33 held 108 M114 4-pound 18 kg anti-personnel bombs; each M114 held about 320 milliliters of B suis culture2 Besides B suis the M33 was tested with other agents throughout the 1950s2 The M33 was an air-released munition: released at high altitude, it would eject its bomblets while still aloft Each bomblet would then explode using its own detonator3


The M33 presented a special logistical problem The agent used, B suis, required refrigeration which created a logistical "nightmare"1 In addition, experts calculated that to attain a proper infection rate over an area of one square mile up to 16 separate M33s were required;1 around 1,500 individual bomblets3 The large number of biological weapons made transport of the weapons for 1952 tests more difficult3 The M33 cluster bomb was never used in battle1

Tests involving the M33edit

The M33 cluster bomb was used in a series of tests from August-October 1952 At Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, the Army Chemical Corps exposed over 11,000 guinea pigs to B suis via air-dropped M33s3 Although the guinea pig trials caused one Chemical Corps general to remark, "Now we know what to do if we ever go to war against guinea pigs",3 the tests resulted in the realization that the M33 could not compete with the casualty volume caused by atomic weapons


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