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Lyubomir Miletich

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Lyubomir Miletich Bulgarian: Любомир Милетич 14 January 1863 – 1 June 1937 was a leading Bulgarian linguist, ethnographer, dialectologist and historian, as well as the chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences from 1926 to his death


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Lyubomir Miletich was born in Štip, today in the Republic of Macedonia, to a Bulgarian family originally from Edirne Odrin in modern Eastern Thrace, Turkey His great-grandfather voivode Mile had left Edirne and settled in the Austrian Banat in the early 19th century, where his grandfather Simo was born Simo had two sons, Svetozar and Đorđe, Lyubomir's father, who, after briefly living in Bosnia and North Africa, returned to his homeland to become a teacher in Macedonia and northwestern Bulgaria in 18591 Miletich's mother, Evka Popdaova, was born in Veles, Macedonia2

Miletich studied in Sofia and Novi Sad, but finished school in the Zagreb Secondary School for Classical Education in 1882 and graduated in Slavistics from the University of Zagreb and Charles University in Prague, where he was taught by Jan Gebauer Miletich participated in the foundation of Sofia University in 1888 He became a PhD of philology and Slavic philology of the University of Zagreb in July 1889 Miletich become the dean of the Faculty of History and Philology of University of Sofia during the 1903-04 academic year During the 1900-01 and 1921–22, he was the rector of the University

Since 1898, Miletich was a member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, which it presided from 1926 until his death Similarly, he was the chairman of the Bulgarian Macedonian Scientific Institute from 1927 to his death

Miletich was a doctor honoris causa of the Kharkiv University, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well of the Russian Historical Society, the Polish Academy of Learning, the South Slavic Academy of Sciences, the Czech Academy of Sciences, the Czech Scientific Society and the Czech Ethnographic Society, the Hungarian Ethnographic Society and the Russian Archaeological Institute

The cover of his work „La Macédoine Bulgare“, Sofia, 1918

Miletich died in Sofia on 1 June 1937

Miletich Point on Greenwich Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named after Lyubomir Miletich3

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  • The Destruction of Thracian Bulgarians in 1913


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  • "Любомир Милетич Liubomir Miletich 14011863 – 1061937" in Bulgarian Sofia University Retrieved 2007-02-10 
  • "Любомир Георгиев Милетич" in Bulgarian Македонски научен институт Retrieved 2007-02-10 dead link
  • Любомир Милетич Ловчанските помаци, 1899, с12 Lyubomir Miletich Lovech Pomaks, 1899, p 12 In: bgscribdcom/doc/50486983/
  • Series of memoirs, published by the Macedonian Scientific Institute in Sofia during the interwar period in several volumes: Slaveiko Arsov, Pando Klyashev, Ivan Popov, Smile Voidanov, Deyan Dimitrov, Nikola Mitrev, Luka Dzherov, Georgi Pop Hristov, Angel Andreev, Georgi Papanchev, Lazar Dimitrov, Damyan Gruev, Boris Sarafov, Ivan Garvanov, Pavel Shatev, Yane Sandanski, Chernyo Peev, Sava Mihailov, Hristo Kuslev, Ivan Anastasov Gyrcheto, Petyr Hr Yurukov, Nikola Pushkarov, Gyorcho Petrov, Mihail Gerdzhikov, Ivan Tatarchev, Alekso Stefanov Bulgarian
Preceded by
Ivan Evstatiev Geshov
Chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Succeeded by
Bogdan Filov

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